JFK and the ‘F**king Crazies’

A couple of 'f**king crazies', past and present.  Lemnitzer and Rumsfeld.
A couple of ‘f**king crazies’, past and present.
Lemnitzer and Rumsfeld.

I’ve been reading James W. Douglas’ excellent book JFK and the Unspeakable: Why he died and why it matters. If you have time to read only one book on JFK, this is the one to pick. Douglas presents a detailed picture of Kennedy’s all-too-short time in office that leaves the reader in no doubt about how and why he was eventually killed, and who did it. In addition, it’s very well-written.

Douglas recounts that, during the summer of 1961, Kennedy was being harassed by the militant members (i.e. all) of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to approve the use of nuclear weapons on Laos and Berlin, against the ‘Communists’ (of course). After one  meeting where the Joint Chiefs reiterated their psychopathic demands, Kennedy just walked out and, looking back at generals and admirals left in the Cabinet Room, said to an aide: “These people are crazy“.

Indeed they were.  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the time was Lyman Lemnitzer. Lemnitzer was the mad ‘genius’ who came up with Operation Northwoods in 1962, a plan designed to pave the way for an invasion of Cuba as part of the overall plan to supposedly ‘win the Cold War’.

Lemnitzer’s plan (which was, according to him, supported by the entire Joint Chiefs), included:

A series of well-coordinated incidents to take place around the US Marine base at Guantanamo to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces. Specifically:

Land friendly Cubans in uniform ‘over the fence’ to stage an attack on the base

Capture Cuban (friendly) saboteurs inside the base

Blow up ammunition inside the base; start fires

Burn aircraft on the air base

Lob mortar shells from outside of the base into the base. Damage to installations

Capture ‘Cuban’ assault teams approaching from the sea

Capture a militia group that storms the base

A ‘remember the Maine‘ incident was to be arranged by blowing up a US ship Guantanamo Bay and blaming Cuba. The US would follow up with an air/sea rescue operation covered by US fighters to ‘evacuate’ remaining members of the non-existent crew. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.

General Lemnitzer also urged the Secretary of Defence to support a campaign of terrorism within the United States as a necessary evil in overcoming Communist Cuba. He stated:

“We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities, and even in Washington. The targets of the campaign could be Cuban refugees seeking haven in the United States.”

Lemnitzer (and the Joint Chiefs)  also suggested “sinking a boatload of Cuban refugees en-route to Florida” and blaming Cuba and “exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, then arresting ‘Cuban agents'” and “releasing prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement”.

In response to all of this the US would “commence large-scale military operations against Cuba”.

Lemnitzer submitted his plans to Kennedy’s Sec. of Defense, Robert McNamara, at a meeting on March 13th 1962. There is no record of McNamara’s response, but, according to a March 16th  White House meeting, Kennedy told Lemnitzer and other key advisers that he could not foresee any circumstances “that would justify and make desirable the use of American forces for overt military action” in Cuba.

This is an important point. People tend to think of ‘Operation Northwoods’ as an aberration, a crazy scheme concocted by a few unhinged US military leaders, and that it would never have been implemented. Based on the evidence however, it seems that the only reason ‘Operation Northwoods’ did not become a part of US covert operation history, was because John Kennedy was president at the time.Certainly, since Kennedy’s death, there have been many Operation Northwoods-type operations staged by the CIA.

Kennedy’s repeated efforts to prevent individuals within the US military and the CIA from declaring nuclear war on the Soviet Union (and by definition the entire world), not to mention his attempt to end US involvement in Vietnam and Indochina, was what ultimately got him killed by those same individuals.

'Peace for all time'. A nice thought. Pity about the f**king crazies running the show since you were murdered.
‘Peace for all time’. A nice thought. Pity about the f**king crazies running the show since you were murdered.

From the point of view of this military-industrial-intelligence complex, Kennedy’s ‘crime’ was that he was suing for peace with the Soviet Union (and therefore peace for the entire world) at a time when the psychopaths in that nefarious complex had their sights set on massive power, control and wealth that could only be obtained if the USA had an arch-enemy against which it had to ‘fight’ to ‘protect the free world’.

In his book, I think Douglas misses this important point in his understanding of the nature of the forces against which Kennedy fought, and lost.  Douglas repeatedly makes reference to the idea that Kennedy was fighting against a block of military and CIA leaders who saw it as their duty to defeat the ‘evil’ of Communism and thereby save the world. For me, this suggests that these architects of our modern world were driven by misguided, yet ultimately ‘good’, intentions. I don’t believe that to be the case.

The block of military, industrial and CIA leaders who repeatedly sought to undermine, and eventually murdered, JFK were, in my opinion, well aware that the idea of a ‘Red menace’ to the West was pure theater for the benefit of the public and the lower level military and intelligence grunts. They did not, therefore, genuinely believe in their official argument for maintaining the frigid nature of US-Soviet relations. They were, however, fully cognizant of the fact that the idea of a pervasive ‘Commie threat’ was absolutely necessary to justify their plans for imperial expansion and domination of as much of the globe as possible. For but one example; how was the invasion and ultimate economic colonization of most of SE Asia to be achieved with no Commie threat to speak of?

The peace in all time, for all men and women that Kennedy so dearly wanted to see blossom around the world was seen, quite correctly, by the psychopathic war mongers and conscienceless human beings that had, by then, insinuated themselves into positions of covert power in the USA as a direct threat to their dreams of war, conflict and profit at any cost. In his American University address on June 10th 1963, Kennedy stated that he saw “peace as the necessary rational end of rational men.” He failed to fully understand that his true enemy wasn’t just irrational men in his own government and military, it was a cabal of psychopaths in his own government and military to whom the idea of world peace was as alien as the idea of destroying the world with nuclear weapons to save it from a ‘Communist threat’ was to Kennedy.

Kennedy referred to the Joint Chiefs (and their CIA backers) as “crazy”. When they murdered Kennedy, those ‘crazies’ took complete control of the future of the USA and, to a large extent, the world. Since then, they have gone on to implement their macabre vision of ‘foreign policy’ in the form of many Operation Northwoods’ in many countries around the world.  It was these ‘crazy’ individuals and their ideological and genetic descendants (by the 21st Century they had become ‘f**king crazies according to Colin Powell) that brought us Operation Northwoods on steroids, aka the 9/11 attacks, and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the attacks on Libya and Syria, and the wholesale slaughter of the people of those countries via death squads, ‘al-aqeda’ and drones.

The problem of the lack of a ‘Commie threat after 1990 to justify these imperial aggressions was easily solved; as you may have noticed, they simply invented a new one.

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  1. Also very interesting reading are "Dr. Mary's Monkey" by Edward T. Haslam and "Me and Lee" by Judyth Vary Baker which both document the bio-weapons angle the CIA was pursuing against Castro along with the set-up of Oswald as the lone-gunman "patsy."

  2. Just one more Joe, its called A deeper, darker truth. Donald T. Phillips, this one is one I haven’t heard or read about a lot over the internet. But it was “interesting” to me. Great jfk article by the way, your words will help some hopefully understand where we are now in comparison to how we were when Jack was trying to reign in some control with our f#%^*&@ crazy nutzoid upper brass so to speak. The bay of pigs left him “seared”. He told jackie that when he speaks to Dulles he’s not sure exactly what he’s telling him because he never explains anything to him. I wish we could time travel and hand jfk a free copy of political ponerology.

    1. There sure is a lot I wish we could do about our past Jamar. I suppose the only thing we can do is try to make the future different, even if we only start with ourselves in trying not to make the same mistakes as those who came before us, specifically in not Seeing things as they are. In that sense, the horrors of history have a lot to teach us.

  3. It's important to remember: intelligence think-tanks pass their resultants to the COS. Then the CIC has his own think-tank: selected advisers. It's a crap-shoot . . . kind of. The problem with making decisions which impinge only on one-self versus making decisions impinging on EVERYONE ELSE UNIVERSALLY is: personal interests begin to be shrunk and one gets a sense of the enormity of something, otherwise deemed simple: a choice. This challenge, I believe, is what causes the gray hairs in presidents to suddenly appear, I'm thinking. Ponder that.

  4. The cultural definition if 'insanity' is the whole ball game – change that and we begin to
    heal the world

  5. Interesting article, but I'm always curious as to why Executive Order 11110 is not seen as the KEY factor that ensured JFK's death warrent as the UK Queen could not rule without the bribe monies garnered by their "Federal Reserve coup d'etat. (Via inflation.)

    Bribery via Masonic locker envelopes makes the world go round, as anyone in law enforcement is aware as without their vanishing various evidences be they local or federal too many grunts would be convicted.

    This is also what saved various Hindus when they moved on the Sikhs; it's the same everywhere and back to the French Revolution and English before that when key navy generals were bought.

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