More ‘Muslim Terror Plot’ BS From British Authorities

Dim-witted patsies, easy prey for British 'war on terror'-mongers
Dim-witted patsies, easy prey for British ‘war on terror’-mongers

More ‘Muslim terror plot’ horse-shit from the British authorities was revealed this week at the trial of three Birmingham men who were accused of planning a “mass suicide bomb plot” that would have been “worse than 7/7” according to hysterical British police and mainstream media. About 39 years ago, six Irish Catholics were tortured by British authorities and forced to confess to planting bombs in two pubs in Birmingham. Their deliberately and obviously wrongful convictions were overturned after they had spent 16 years in a British prison.

Reading the newspaper headlines you could be forgiven for thinking that British authorities had thwarted the worst criminal terrorist plot to wage mass murder on the British public since the Nazi blitz. If you look a little deeper than the headlines however, you’ll quickly realise that this is just more evidence that British intelligence agencies (like their US counterparts) dedicate themselves to finding young, (usually unemployed) British Muslims who are low on intelligence and high on personal hubris and bravado to parade in front of the British and World public as ‘evidence’ of a ‘Muslim terror threat’ and, therefore, why the British public should look to the British establishment for protection. 

As Craig Murray notes, these three blow-hards will be sentenced to life imprisonment for nothing more than thought crime [when a much shorter sentence for idiocy is appropriate]. They had made no concrete plans to carry out any attacks and instead spent their time crafting fanciful scenarios of what they would like to do based on their rather immature understanding of how to be a terrorist. For example, they threw around the idea of attaching blades to a car and driving it through a crowd of people.

In the tape recordings of bugged conversations Irfan Naseer, 31, is heard saying: ‘I feel like I’ve been driving a monster truck, you know.’

His alleged accomplice, Irfan Khalid, 27, replies: ‘Yeah, put blades on the front and trample on everyone.’ Khalid then tells Naseer and Ashik Ali that if they did that they would not get shot for a long time. Asked why, Khalid said: ‘You know what they said, the brothers in the magazine, they said stick thingy on… at the front, like you know, erm, blade… just weld it on and run into people. Just drive into people in a crowded area.

I’m pretty sure that the only place that idea has was taken seriously was in a Mad-Max movie. This is the real extent of the ‘Muslim terror threat’ in the UK: a few unemployed village idiots who want to attack ‘the Brits’ by ‘sticking a thingy, an, erm, blade, on a monster truck’. But ignore all that and just ‘believe’ that the ‘terror threat’ is real.

During his police interview following arrest, Ashik Ali told detectives about plans to get hold of guns and a possible target of soldiers.

INTERVIEWING OFFICER: “What were you gonna do with a gun?”

Ali “I’d shoot people.”

IO: “Your, your plan was to have a suicide vest and shoot people?”

Ali: ” Yeah.”

IO: “And where was this gonna happen?”

Ali: “That didn’t really plan that didn’t. That was in May, April. Soldiers and that. But that was an idea in the head; that was what they wanted to do but nothing actually took place.”

IO: “So, the plan was to have a suicide vest, a gun. Have you got a gun?”

Ali: “No, I haven’t.”

In fact, no one of the three had anything that would have allowed them to carry out their wiley-coyote-esque plans.  Yet the mainstream media has loudly and repeatedly declared that the three were “guilty of mass bomb plot”.  Even a BBC journalist was moved to comment that:

“during the months of evidence at Woolwich Crown Court, the three men came across as utter incompetents. They even laughed among themselves about the grim satirical film, Four Lions, in which useless bombers are seeking martyrdom by blowing themselves up.”

In a sane society, the details of the life conditions and mental state and capabilities of these individuals would be taken into consideration in assessing their culpability and what charges should be brought against them. In a sane society, the statement to police by one of the three that, if his two fellow plotters managed to find women who would have them, their anger with the world may have eventually gone away, would be taken seriously (or at least laughed at as the words of a alleged ‘committed jihadi’). During his trial Irfan Naseer was pretty open about the fact that the hours of secret recordings of him talking about terrorism and bomb-making were all, in his own words, “nonsense”.

But the ‘war on terror’ had never been about sanity or rational thought, and it’s not even really about unjustly convicting people like these three unfortunates. What the war on terror is really all about is propaganda, the war for the mind, and access to the ‘belief center’, of the average citizen.

While these three guys serve as grist to keep the British and American government’s ‘war on terror’ mill turning and producing evidence of a ‘real terrorist threat’, the real goal is to continually force-feed this ‘evidence’ of a ‘real terrorist threat’ to the British and world public.

So what really pisses me off about these cases (and there have been many), is not the fact that the British justice system is massively corrupt (after all, injustice in the legal system in the UK is the norm rather than an exception and many people every year are unjustly imprisoned), but that, by destroying the lives of these three men, the British establishment is attempting to indirectly brainwash millions of other people.

You may think that being brainwashed is a lesser evil than being unjustly locked up for life, but fear-based brainwashing of the masses that forces them to look to the ‘authorities’ for ‘protection’ is what allows for corruption in the halls of power on this planet to reach a level where our entire global society is placed at risk of collapse under the weight of the massive lie that our ‘civilization’ has become.

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