How dare they! Being all friendly…

The good ol’ US of A is at it again. Fighting injustice, dispensing truth, kickin’ corrupt corporate butt and taking names. No evil-doers are safe, not even outfits that most people in the US Justice Dept. have probably never heard of, like FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football. Read More →


Stick on some beards and… US-created ‘Contra’ rebels in Nicaragua

Over the course of the past 100 years, Eastwards from South America to South East Asia (and everywhere in between), official history records that US governments have repeatedly created and used terrorist groups to attack foreign governments and populations who foolishly refused to view the world through a stars and stripes-tinted lens.Two examples among dozens include Nicaragua and Indonesia. Read More →

police-stateIt’s the first of it’s kind they say, and I believe them. For all of recorded history, when soldiers of one country invaded and occupied another, deaths among the invading forces were accepted as ‘casualties of war’, not homicides. A soldier on active duty in a war zone couldn’t be ‘murdered’. At least until now. This week, a British national, Anis Abid Sardar from north-west London, has gone on trial for the ‘murder’ of Sergeant First Class Randy Johnson in roadside attack outside Baghdad in 2007. Read More →