‘Liberal’ British Newspaper The Guardian Exposes Itself (again) as Propaganda Wing of Fascist British Government

A poignant portrait of one of the British government’s terrorists, ruthlessly gunned down by Putin himself.

A headline, from today, on the British Guardian newspaper’s web site:

Murder in Istanbul: Kremlin’s hand suspected in shooting of Chechen

‘Oh, those terrible Russians and that ruthless Putin are up to their old extrajudicial murder tricks again! Will they never learn about real democracy! At least we, the great Western public (and therefore representatives of the ‘global community’), are holding them to account as best we can by imposing ‘sanctions’ and hysterically demonizing them every time they fly a plane near Scotland.’

The above reflects, more or less, the thoughts that would have rattled around the, largely empty, vessel that is the cranium of the average Western citizen, as he or she read the above Guardian headline. And what else can we expect when such pernicious propaganda is catapulted at them on a daily basis?

Look at that headline again: “Murder”. Well, right there you have the judgement… MURDER! And who did? The KREMLIN! Who else! And the victim? A CHECHEN! Oh dear Lord! Those poor chech-y people who have, for decades, if I vaguely remember, been trying to tear themselves away from the greedy grasp of the new Russian/Soviet Empire! There’s no need to read any further, we have all the information we need!

Headlines are very important to intelligence agency employees masquerading as lefty European journalists. With headlines, you can engage in what amounts to deliberate falsification of facts and then cover your ass by including the real details in the article itself, safe in the knowledge that the average Western news pundit has the attention span of a gold-fish on horse tranquilizers, and therefore no intention whatsoever of clicking on your sneaky piece of headline propaganda.

By now you’ll have guessed that, while the Guardian headline deliberately smears the Russian government (and “Putin”) for (yet another) “murder” of (probably) some innocent wretch, the truth behind this story is not only somewhat different, it inhabits an entirely different universe.

Open the article and, within a few paragraphs, you start to experience a certain amount of cognitive dissonance vis-a-vis the headline. Half way through the article you realise that you’re actually reading the details of an event that, had it been orchestrated by British or American or French forces, would be feted by the Western press as another victory for our brave forces in never-ending “the war on terror”!

To save you the trouble, here’s the short version of the pertinent facts: Abdulvakhid Edelgireyev was a Muslim terrorist who has been hiding for years in the Chechen mountains, from where he launched, or was involved in, several attacks against Russian civilians, including suicide attacks on Moscow’s metro and Domodedovo airport. He also served time with the Nazi Right Sektor in Ukraine, killing civilians in the Donbass, and hung out with “ISIS” in Syria, where he enjoyed a bit of head-chopping and more civilian slaughter, while still finding time to marry the sister of the wife a top “ISIS” commander. In November 2015, he was gunned down in Istanbul (Turkey being a haven for ISIS mercenaries) by an unknown, but likely Russian, gunman.

Notice the history of this individual. Chechnya, Donbass, Syria, ISIS. The only thing missing from that biography is ‘CIA asset’. US and British anti-Russian involvement in Syria and the Donbass is (or should be) more or less common knowledge. As for Chechnya, that’s just an older version of the same story. As the head of Russia’s Chechen Republic told Reuters in 2009:

We’re fighting in the mountains with the American and English intelligence agencies. They are fighting not against Kadyrov, not against traditional Islam, they are fighting against the sovereign Russian state.”

The West sought to attack both Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the country as a whole by targeting the country’s weakest regions.

“The West is interested in cutting off the Caucasus from Russia. The Caucasus – a strategic frontier of Russia. If they take away the Caucasus from Russia, it’s like taking away half of Russia.”

Asked if he was saying there were signs of CIA and MI6 participation in the violence, he said “Of course. There was a terrorist, Chitigov, who worked for the CIA. He had U.S. citizenship. When we killed him, I was in charge of the operation and we found a U.S. driving license, and all the other documents were also American.”

So rather than a headline that actually reflects the content of the article and the reality of the life of its subject, something like: “Leading ISIS figure eliminated in Russian anti-terror operation in Turkey,” we’re treated to the above headline by the Guardian‘s ‘Shaun Walker’ in Istanbul.

I wonder though, in coming up with the title, was Mr. Walker following the orders of Erdogan, or just MI6? Or, since both Turkish and British authorities clearly support ISIS, maybe it was both? Or is the truth simply that Mr. Walker is such a pusillanimous cretin that he is unable to think for himself and merely serves as an unconscious parrot for the British government’s terror-supporting and anti-Russian propaganda?

It’s a deplorable state of affairs for sure, and someone really needs to do something about it. So I’m thinking I might send a crowbar as a gift to Mr. Walker, care of the Guardian offices, King’s Cross, London, with the suggestion that, before attempting to pen another article, he use the implement to first leverage his head out of his backside. Only then might we expect to see some honest journalism from him.

3 thoughts on “‘Liberal’ British Newspaper The Guardian Exposes Itself (again) as Propaganda Wing of Fascist British Government

  1. The Muslims of Russia are considered the soft underbelly of the country. That they're being stoked by the wanna-be-Balkanization-of-Russia clan is no surprise to anyone. Any friction between Russia and Chechna, or their many Moslem neighbor states, which enjoy a reasonably good relationship with their former co-nation, would be suspect from the start. In the recent case of the manic Muslim female murderer that horrifically killed a Russian child then ran around chanting anti Russian diatribe, one might be forgiven for wondering who drugged her, (the Russians were wise to treat her case very lightly). Hopefully the Russian people will see through the facades and continue to support their prudent and patient president.

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