‘Weaponizing refugees’: NATO projects its own darkness onto Russia

The spoils of war: migrant children wait by the fence on the Greek side of the border to enter Macedonia

Perhaps the only positive thing about the deteriorating social and environmental conditions on our planet is the fact that they tend to drive our ‘leaders’ to increasingly desperate acts to secure their positions in power. As part of this process, this ‘elite’ are also given to telling increasingly outrageous and transparent lies. Take the Syria/Turkey/Russia/EU/US refugee debacle that has been raging for over 2 years for example.

For the last 5 years Western powers and their media lackeys have made no bones about the fact that they have been fully supportive of the ‘Syrian rebels’ in their brutal war against the Syrian people in an effort to overthrow the democratically-elected Assad government. No secret was made either of the fact that various Western governments were directly funding, training and arming these ‘rebels’ who were then killing Syrian civilians en masse. During that time, it came to light that the vast majority of the ‘rebels’ are of the crazy-jihadi variety, low brow foreign mercenaries willing to fight for any cause as long as you pay them enough, or give them enough candy bars and Saudi-supplied amphetamines like captagon.

A good portion of those jihadis came from Libya, where they were well-known to agents of the US, not least to Hillary Clinton, who used them to destroy Libyan society and publicly sodomize and murder Muammar Gaddafi, much to Clinton’s delight. What a wonderful prospect for the American people to have such a vile, psychopath represent them.

By September 2015, the US military had allegedly been bombing ISIS for more than a year, during which time the nutty jihadi army expanded their territory greatly, slaughtering thousands and driving many more from their homes. Perhaps the bombs being dropped by US aircraft were in metal containers with parachutes. Just 3 months of Russian bombing of ISIS/rebel positions, on the other hand, was all that was necessary to dramatically change the course of the war in favor of the Syrian army and definitely expose Western government connivance with ISIS.

But this is all just par for the course in Western powers’ historic strategy of arming terrorist groups in order to achieve their geopolitical objectives of overthrowing democratically-elected governments by seeding chaos in a country that does not come to heel when ordered. The unusual aspect of this latest Western imperial adventure is the influx of refugees into Western Europe. While Western wars of aggression always displaced large numbers of local people fleeing death and destruction freedom and democracy, usually those people were confined more or less to countries neighboring the target country. The attack on Syria has been rather different, with large numbers of Syrians (and Iraqis) somehow being ‘let loose’ on the European Union.

Last October, EU President Donald Tusk told a European forum in the town of Sopot on Poland’s Baltic coast:

“For the first time in my political career I have heard politicians openly declaring that the refugees heading to Europe are their method of getting (us) to act a certain way.”

At this point, and for anyone who has been paying attention to the news, there are no prizes for guessing to whom Tusk was referring. Even the Western press can no longer ignore the fact that Erdogan and Co. are playing a rather psychopathic game of deliberately facilitating the movement of thousands of Syrians across the Turkish border and into Greece and the rest of the EU. Most semi-intelligent political commentary on Turkish involvement in the Syrian war have pitched Erdogan as a man driven by his own imperial designs and a desire to recreate a Turkish caliphate with himself as a modern-day Sultan.

But what the cabal in control of Turkey want more than anything else is not Middle Eastern expansion but integration into the European Union. Turkey first applied for membership in 1999. Since then it has been more or less stonewalled by EU bigwigs, allegedly due to the state of Turkey’s economy but in reality because, well, Turks are brown-skinned Muslims, not pasty white Christian Europeans. But the manufactured refugee crisis, the implied threat of those refugees to the EU (including the threat of embedded ‘ISIS’ terror attacks) and Turkey’s assumed ability to control the flow of desperate Syrians and Iraqis, seems to have worked wonders in Brussels.

Last October Turkey got €3 billion from the EU to ‘handle’ the refugee problem. But Erdogan and Co. apparently spent the cash on buying stolen Syrian oil and funding ISIS, so last week they came back, cap in hand, for not just another €3billion but visa free travel for all Turkish citizens to the EU and a fast track membership process. Infuriated by such insolence and deception from the arrogant Turks, a few days ago EU leaders agreed to fork out the cash and promised Erdogan and Co. “EU accession negotiations as soon as possible”.

Having a gay old time. Turkish and EU psychopaths laugh it up as refugees they created drown in the Aegean.

A few hours before the meeting between diminutive Turkish PM Davutoglu and the 28 heads of EU member states on March 7th in Brussels, a much publicized and very jovial get-together that aimed to “prevent waves of refugees, and tragic events in the Aegean Sea“, 25 migrants drowned off the Turkish coast, en-route to Greece.

It would be easy to explain all this as simple (if psychopathic) opportunism by the Turks and a complete absence of any integrity or morals on the part of EU chiefs if it weren’t for the fact that quietly watching over this entire process we find the grand old US of A. No one can reasonably argue that a protracted war in Syria was ever going to be a positive development for Turkey or the EU. Turkey is today threatened with, at worst, the loss of some of its territory to the Kurds, or at least, the establishment of a Kurdish state on its borders, while the very fabric of the EU is under serious strain due to the refugees.

The only country that stands (as usual) to benefit from chaos in other nations is the USA, and that’s because it is usually the USA that created the chaos in the first place. As I have already written on several occasions, the ‘great game’ being played here is the same one that has been played by the ‘exceptional’ USA for at least 100 years. The name of that game is ‘thwart Russian expansion at all costs’.

Prior to the proxy war on Syria, Turkey and Russia enjoyed close economic and political relations. Last September, someone inside a jet inside Turkey shot down a Russian plane in Syria, ending that close relationship. I stand by my analysis at the time that the Erdogan government was not directly responsible for the shoot down and had no choice but to run with the narrative that was foisted upon them…by the USA.

If we stand back and observe the results of events in the Middle East over the past 5 years, we see that the ongoing proxy war on Syria has not only created the refugee crisis that is creating a ‘security crisis’ in the European Union, but it has gifted Turkey with the means to force its accession to the EU, bringing it much closer to NATO’s bosom, and much further from a potential alliance with Russia. Doing whatever it can think of to prevent alliances between anyone and Russia is today the sole reason for the existence of the Pentagon and the US State Dept.

Eye of the [paper] Tiger: Gen. ‘the Russians killed Jesus’ Breedlove.
Given the depth, then, of US perfidy, mendacity and anti-Russian hysteria, it was not surprising to read last week that NATO’s Chief warmonger in Europe, General Breedlove (recent winner of the most inappropriate surname competition), accused Russia of creating the refugee crisis in order to “overwhelm and break Europe”. Apart from the utter preposterousness of this allegation from a man who played a central role in waging a 4-year long proxy war on Syria that created the refugees, Breedlove’s accusation is precisely what I have accused the US of doing – encouraging Turkey to send refugees to the EU to increase insecurity and EU dependence on NATO. Accusing others of what you yourself are doing is a very common trait of psychopathic individuals.

But US deviousness doesn’t stop there. By spreading this outlandish idea, Breedlove is seeking to further increase anti-Russian hysteria among gullible EU officials, and if the pusillanimousness of EU officials in the face of US threats to date is anything to go by, he’ll probably succeed.

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  1. "While Western wars of aggression always displaced large numbers of local people fleeing death and destruction …freedom and democracy,.."

    Reminds me of the cartoon I saw.. a man sitting in the bombed out carnage and strewn rocks, that had once been his village, saying.. 'NATO, do me a favor.. don't do me any more favors".

    I wish I could laugh.

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