Who benefits from assassination of Russia’s envoy to Turkey?

Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov (left) and his assassin.

I ‘debated’ with some guy (Peter Sinnott) from New York on Press TV’s ‘The Debate’ recently. The topic was the recent assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey and the general situation in Syria.

With so little time, (25 minute show) I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to. When I was given the last 30 seconds, and asked by the host to respond to a tangential question about Trump, I was really itching to respond to the guest’s previous nonsensical comments, so I did the best I could. See what ya think….was it bad manners?


5 thoughts on “Who benefits from assassination of Russia’s envoy to Turkey?

  1. In short no. That "expert" (I automatically view anyone introduced as such with suspicion when I don't know them) was lucky that the press tv format is limited. You would've made him look silly. I was waiting a while to see why expert was written in quotes on the YouTube channel synopsis. Then he made his last statement about America & I understood just why. I want to call him a fool or idiot or stupid, but those seem ill-fitting. Not knowing who he is & by his performance in this video, he seems to be an "agent" for the very public arm of The Powers That Be.

    If I had seen this on television I would've switched it off the moment he claimed that it wasn't America & co, & missed your response. And I really don't like the way this show (or any like it) was put together.

  2. Dear Joe Quinn,

    Most alt sites have a pleforia of comments on the lack of blood from the body of Andrei, I would like to ask your opinion upon the possibility he was wearing some form of Kevlar within his clothing as part of the normal VIP protection as ambassador to this volatile region. The waistcoat he was wearing is unusually stiff and did not cover his midriff(normally a give away), Kevlar can reduce penetration, plug wounds by wrapping around the bullet but does not stop impact trauma. Shots to the back would have shattered the spine.

    from your article http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/12/who-

    Yours Sincerely,

    David Kendrick

  3. Hey Joe,

    "Was it bad manners?" Not at all. Given the time constraints towards the end of the debate, responding to such ludicrous assertions by the alleged 'independent scholar' with a succinct "complete nonsense" was wholly appropriate imo.

    I am really glad you managed to include the Western "psychopaths" angle when describing the U.S./Gulf States/European backed mercenaries in Syria.

    Keep up the great work Joe. You are an inspiration. Season's greetings and blessings to you and your loved ones at this time.


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