Recent Interview With Sputnik News

Last week, I had a chat with Andrew Korybko of Sputnik News. Enjoy!

sputnik radio joe quinn

Trump’s been sending signals all week that he plans to either ignore the main principles of the World Trade Organization (WTO) or pull out of the body entirely, with this possible scenario representing an existential threat to the same liberal globalization model that the US created.

The crescendo of chatter about Trump’s intentions towards the WTO has all the hallmarks of a brewing conflict, one which would exacerbate the Crisis of Liberalism that’s engulfed the world ever since Brexit and the American President’s election.

Joe Quinn, senior editor and political analyst at, spoke with Radio Sputnik’s Andrew Korybko about the stand-off.

Full discussion between Andrew Korybko, Joe Quinn and David Hungerford available here: WTO: World Trade Minus America?

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