'Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated'

The hypocrisy and lies around the alleged death of Gaddafi have gone too far, for me at least. I find it hard to stomach the statements by Western leaders about Gaddafi’s ‘crimes’ as they gloat over the televised brutal murder of some guy in Libya.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that yesterday was:

a day to remember all of Gaddafi’s victims, from those who died in connection with the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, to Yvonne Fletcher in a London Street, and obviously all of the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan Semtex.We should also remember the many many Libyans who died at the hands of this brutal dictator and his regime.”

Omitted from the end of Cameron’s statement was  ‘and we should also remember that I’m lying through my teeth.’ Read More →

Where is he now?

You’ll forgive me if I don’t believe the media hype over the alleged death of Mumar Gaddafi. Once bitten twice shy and all that. As I noted at the time, the death of Saddam Hussein was more than likely faked. The story of the Gaddafi’s ‘death’ strikes me as a little too similar to that of Saddam (pulled from a ‘hole’, ‘hiding like a rat’ etc.) and the images and videos that are doing the rounds on the mainstream media sites are waaaay too grainy to be proof of anything. At least one of them (below) is clearly a doctored version of an image purportedly taken at the site of Osama’s death, which in itself could be taken as evidence that the same people were involved in both media events. Read More →

So first Osama was armed and used his wife as a human shield. Then he was armed and used some unnamed woman as a human shield. Finally, he wasn’t armed and didn’t use anyone as a shield. Now we are being told that there were no weapons, of any description in the entire house (only some chickens and buffaloes):

Security officials said they did not recover any arms and explosives during their detailed search of the compound and the 13-roomed house, during which they removed two buffaloes, a cow and around 150 chickens.”

and British Telegraph reporter Peter Oborne, who visited the “Osama compound”, saw no bullet holes or any signs of a fire-fight at all!

“There were practically no signs of a fight when I arrived at the Khan’s family house. No bullet marks punctured the walls.”

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Our latest effort at bringing some sanity to the the latest attack of mass gullibility and delirium.

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