Osama Story Completely Unravelling

So first Osama was armed and used his wife as a human shield. Then he was armed and used some unnamed woman as a human shield. Finally, he wasn’t armed and didn’t use anyone as a shield. Now we are being told that there were no weapons, of any description in the entire house (only some chickens and buffaloes):

Security officials said they did not recover any arms and explosives during their detailed search of the compound and the 13-roomed house, during which they removed two buffaloes, a cow and around 150 chickens.”

and British Telegraph reporter Peter Oborne, who visited the “Osama compound”, saw no bullet holes or any signs of a fire-fight at all!

“There were practically no signs of a fight when I arrived at the Khan’s family house. No bullet marks punctured the walls.”

And what about this image:

Staged photo op?


We were initially told that this was the scene as the Obama team watched the drama unfold “minute by minute”. Yet now CIA director Leon Panetta has said that the live feed from helmet-mounted cameras worn by the Navy Seal team was cut off as they stormed the buildings in Abottabad. In an interview with PBS, Panetta said: “Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on.”

So over what, precisely, is Hilary holding her mouth in shock if she and others had very little insight into what was supposedly going on on the ground?

Let’s not forget that this is the CIA and US government we are talking about. The same cabal who gave us the WMD lies, the Niger yellow cake lies, the Iraq war lies etc. etc. So do we really think they are above staging a photo op over something with so much ‘political capital’ as the ‘death of Osama bin Laden’?

And now, of course, we are being asked to believe that the documents that were supposedly recovered from the ‘Osama compound’ reveal that “he was planning attacks on the US including on the 10th anniversary of 9/11”. According to a joint FBI and Homeland Security bulletin “handwritten notes” were found in the ‘compound’ detailing a very rough idea to to tamper with an unspecified US railway track. According to the bulletin “al-Qaeda operatives planned to derail a train so that it would plunge into a valley, or from a bridge.” (or maybe they were going to blow up a bridge just as the train was approaching and have it plunge into a ravine? Hey! It happens in the movies!)

“While it is clear that there was some level of planning for this type of operation in February 2010, we have no recent information to indicate an active ongoing plot to target transportation and no information on possible locations or specific targets” the bulletin read. One intelligence official said the notes “revealed the ambition to hit the US with large-scale attacks in major cities and on key dates such as anniversaries and holidays.”

Which basically means one of two things: the Islamic militant informers (who were being protected by the ISI and living in the ISI safe house aka ‘the Osama compound’) had collected these naive and childish plans from other militants, or, the US government is the sole originator and author of these ‘notes’.

The bottom line is that these, and all the other changes to the first official story, are not the result of the ‘fog of war’, they are evidence of complete fabrication.

So who still believes this story has ANY basis in reality?

Only these guys

Unsurprisingly, the White House has decide to quit while they’re losing and has called an end to any further (bogus) disclosures about the alleged death of Osama bin Laden



3 thoughts on “Osama Story Completely Unravelling

  1. Oh, and now let the conspiracy theory s begin!

    Or as they used to say, keep stirring the pot, keep the stink coming.

    1. Not interested in stirring the pot, just don't like being treated like I actually enjoy being lied to. Maybe you do?

  2. so glad there are people with a brain in this world.in Europe the media is doing the same thing. It always amuses me when people honestly believe they live in a democracy. I mean, really?

    As far as I am concerned Bin Laden died years ago. Now Obama isn't doing too well and how useful.

    Nasty little world

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