Osama bin Laden’s Nose and Left Ear

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I’m sure we’re all very tired by now of the Osama bin Laden nonsense, I know I am, and I really wish it would just go away. Sadly, that seems an unlikely prospect in the near future.

I’ve already provided more than enough evidence for all rational people to seriously doubt the authenticity of the “Osama bin Laden is dead” story. I’ve also exposed the many faked images and videos of the alleged terrorist mastermind that were released over the past 10 years. But the US government and CIA aren’t ready to quit just yet. It would appear that they’re determined to push the boundaries of belief and exploit public credulousness to the max (and perhaps beyond).

You’re probably aware that yesterday, Sat. 7th May 2011, the US government released “new” videos of ‘bin Laden’ that they claimed were part of the haul from the ‘compound’ in Pakistan, which, by the way, is very conveniently scheduled for destruction.

These new videos include footage that is similar to previous ‘bin Laden’ tapes, but also include footage of some guy sitting in a room watching news reports about Osama bin Laden. The US government and the fawning Western media are claiming that the guy sitting on the floor watching television is Osama bin Laden in his ‘compound’ and that the video could have been made as recently as Spring 2011. The problem is that we only get to see the man sitting on the floor from the side, there are no front-on shots that would allow us to see the man’s face and ascertain whether or not he looks anything like bin Laden and there is no audio (apparently it was edited by the Pentagon). Again, this is very convenient, and I think you will agree that, even from the side-on angle, the man on the floor does not look like any of the images of the person we know to be the real bin Laden.

But the real smoking gun is to be found in the videos allegedly taken from the Pakistan ‘compound’ and which provide higher resolution images of a man who appears to be the same person that appeared in a ‘bin Laden’ video released in 2007.

Here’s a CNN report on the new videos:

And here’s the footage of the guy sitting on the floor:

I’ve taken a few screen shots of the ‘older’ ‘new’ videos of ‘Osama’ in his fancy duds, and I’d like to do a little nose, ear and shoulder comparison with images of the real bin Laden:

Here’s an image of the real bin Laden:

And here’s a screen shot from one of the ‘new’ videos from the above CNN report: 

Is this the same person?

Consider the two noses:

The real bin Laden’s nose


‘New’ bin Laden’s nose


But here’s the real smoking gun that, in a sane world, would put an end to all of this CIA psy-ops nonsense: bin Laden’s left ear:

Here’s in the offending left ear in a new video that we are told was recovered from the ‘compound’:

A rather petite shell-like ear for a ‘terror mastermind’
And here’s the real bin Laden’s left ear:

As you can see, the real bin Laden has a pronounced deep and flattened helix (the top outer rim of the outer ear). Whereas the ‘new’ ‘bin Laden’ has a rather petite ear (quite the envy of all in the psy-ops division of the CIA I’d say).

In fact, both of the real bin Laden’s ears have this characteristic. Here’s the right one:


Right ear showing the same flattened helix


It’s pretty astounding that the CIA would be so cavalier as to release videos that can so easily be proven to feature someone other than the real Osama bin Laden. Then again, perhaps this is indicative of the contempt with which the CIA and US government consider the general US, and to a lesser extent world, public. I think we can safely assume that the US government and all of those behind the phony ‘war on terrorism’ (which is clearly a global war of imperial conquest) and the 9/11 attacks believe that there is little if anything that the public will not accept as long as it comes from official sources. So far, the public has done nothing to suggest that this belief is ill-founded.

In short, and once again, you are being sold a monstrous lie. And you can have no doubt that believing lies always carries consequences for the believers. The seriousness of the consequences depends on the seriousness of the lie. Given that the lie that is the official narrative of the ‘war on terror’ implicates the believers in the murder of 1.5 million Iraqi and Afghan citizens, 3,000US citizens, the torture of thousands of innocent people and the destruction of civil liberties the world over, they may want to reconsider their position.

21 thoughts on “Osama bin Laden’s Nose and Left Ear

  1. Ok with the nose its clearly a mirror reflection. With regards to the picture of the shoulders in the first one he is standing up and not wearing a coat and in the second one he is sitting down and is wearing a coat and as for the picture of his ears well any fool can see his turbon is covering the tops of them

    1. Not sure what you're talking about here. Look at other images of the real bin laden, the nose is clearly different. The nose of the real bin Laden has a pronounced curvature around the nostrils. Again, compare for yourself. His shoulders are, by my estimation, clearly broader than the new guy. As for the ears; I'm not sure what images you are looking at, but the images relating to his ears in this post clearly show all of the ears. "None are so blind as those that refuse to see."

  2. Astrology also proves this is a big lie. The keywords are "Expanded Propaganda" It is a hoax to expand military powers and cover up the real problems. There is also deception going on related to the US stock market.

  3. Joe, would normally agree with you when "The States" are involved, but in this particular debate, I'm sorry to say, I agree with "Mark" and his comments. Take a close relook at your posted photos, rgds :-/

    1. Disagreement is cool. But I can't fathom how anyone can look at the two ears on the person in the last two pictures and then say that those are the same ears as the guy in the third picture from bottom. You do know that ears are commonly used in forensics to identify bodies, right?

  4. Have to totally agree with Joe here, just look at the ears, there is no comparison…even look at his eyes, this is clearly not the same man! wake up people, they've been making fake bin laden tapes for years, the only evidence of Bin laden even talking about 9/11 is from one of these fake tapes using a look a like. The video of him watching tv is also a joke, you can only see the side of his face throughout and it's not even the same actor they've used above! There's numerous reports about bin laden's ill health and death in 2001, http://www.prisonplanet.com/top-us-government-ins
    The US has done it again, conned the entire world into believing their lies

  5. People, it's all in the eyes. Ignoring the shoulders, ears and nose….just look at the difference in the eye dept and darkness. The new guy would win first prize in a lookalike compo, but the eyes are a giveaway that it's not the real Osama.

  6. The nose is hard to distinguish because the image is not clear. But that ear from the recent video image is clearly different from earlier pictures. It is a fact that the two parts of the body that continue to grow throughout a person's life are the ears and the nose. Look up any image of an old person in google, and you will see that they all have huge ears and larger than normal nose. If I were shown these pictures of Osama by Osama himself, I would say that the "recent" pictures were of him when he was younger because ears just don't shrink. I don't know when he died, nor do I care. Just bring the troops home. Ron Paul 2012.

  7. Persel, I completely agree, the eyes are a dead giveaway (no pun intended)…the real bin laden's eyes are narrower and further apart..what needs to happen is for independent news agencies to be established with real journalists doing proper investigative work, otherwise people will continue to believe the official story fed to them by the US government and mainstream media and they'll continue to label anything that deviates from the official story as a conspiracy theory

  8. Thank you, Joe Quinn for your excellent work.

    You have proven beyond doubt my belief that the initials CIA actually stands for "Cretins In Authority".

    Being a foreigner (I have never visited the US and I do not plan to ever visit there) I actually thought Barack Obama would make a difference as President.

    But it's been the same old story. Fudge one problem, blame somebody abroad when the problem is really in the US, prove you can cover up problems as much as any of your predecessors. Plus of course, when your electorate is losing faith in you, go out and pointscore by killing a bad man who has been dead for years!

    Thank you again, Joe.

    1. Re: OB Laden Ears… Wandering in kinda late, but…

      1. Curious why you think he’s been dead for years
      2. I agree with most of your comments
      3. Can your government pass the white glove test, and
      4. Are you sure they aren’t in bed with the US? Everybody else is.

  9. Joe Quinn,

    You are absolutely right. In fact, if you spend a little time with these pictures you can tell even more irregularities.

    The ears are clearly different. One numbskull commenter said that the fake osama's cap was covering his ears. Are you kidding me? Look at the picture where he is looking to the side. His hat is a couple inches above the tops of his ears.

    Osama also wears his cap differently. The imposter wears it upright on his head. Where as the real Osama always wore it tilted back on his head.

    Joe, what you are running into on your website are commenters that have an Israeli agenda. I have noticed lately the Jews are jumping all over this to try to protect this fraud.

  10. The “new” Bin Laden, arisen from the dead, is undoubtedly a fake, but one thing should be corrected:

    The picture with the text “And here’s the real bin Laden’s left ear” is actually showing his RIGHT ear. You can find on the Web several versions of this picture, some of them with a smaller clipping, some of them with a larger one. Some of the pictures are horizontally turned and the picture above is one of them. Looking at other versions of the picture (and similar pictures from the same speech) showing more of the Arabic text in the background you can find out that those pictures showing the ear as Bin Laden’s RIGHT ear are correct.

    This does not really change anything. The Bin Laden action is a big hoax, something very bad is going on and we are in for even worse actions in the near future. I hope the American people can somehow stop their criminal government before it is too late for the USA and the whole world.

  11. Thanks for communicating the obvious fraud being perpetrated by the US, once again.


  12. Jim Corr and all those who seek to unveil the myth and lies sold to the world's public about 9/11, the "banking crisis" and the latest absurdity, the alleged annhilation of Osama Bin Laden, are to be commended. It is paramount that the discerning among us be bold and emblazoned in our quest to counter the deceit poured scornfully upon us. In addition, we must agitate the more laissez-faire people among us to wake up and start asking questions about who controls the media and why spin is employed to mould our consciousness

  13. In the video where he is looking at the TV of himself, he has a gray beard. In the death photo his beard is black

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