More Sandy Hook Nut Jobbery – Emilie Parker

Watch this short Youtube video which the author states is “absolute proof Sandy Hook was staged”:

Are you convinced? Well hang on, I’m about to provide fairly convincing proof that the person who made this video, and all those who promote similar fantastical, subjective nonsense about Sandy Hook, have a serious problem when it comes to critical thinking:

This particular hysterical internaut fades Emilie Parker’s face from the family photo over the face of Emilie’s sister in the picture with Obama. He does this in such a way that is looks like the two faces are a perfect match.

They aren’t.

Here are the two faces:


The two girls look alike, I don’t dispute that, although I would suggest that they look alike because they are sisters with less than one year between them, according to their father.  I know, it’s totally bizarre that two young girls from the same parents would bear a resemblance to each other. But there it is.

But wait! There’s more.

The Parker family photo was provided by Mr. and Mrs. Parker for media use in the aftermath of the massacre. That family photo is likely to be several months old, perhaps even a year old. The photo of the second daughter with Obama however is from December 16th 2012.

Now, let’s think about this. What happens to young girls when time passes? That’s right, they grow up and look a little older. If the family photo is about 1 year old, that would put the second daughter in the Obama photo at about the same age as Emilie was when she had her photo taken with the family.

But hang on a minute! The second daughter appears to be wearing the same dress that Emilie was wearing in the family photo! Indeed, and I can see the headlines now:

Shock! Horror! Family gives eldest daughter’s dress to younger daughter when eldest daughter outgrows it! […]

Even more shocking! Two days after daughter’s murder, family decides to dress second daughter in dress that first daughter used to wear (which had already been passed to second daughter anyway) as a way of remembering her!

I’ll leave it at that. If anyone has any more delusional Sandy Hook nonsense from members of the internet nutjob fringe, feel free to pass them along for debunking. I think I’ve seen them all by now. Other than that, my recent article pretty much deals with the real evidential problems with the Sandy Hook massacre.

15 thoughts on “More Sandy Hook Nut Jobbery – Emilie Parker

    1. Wow, that's one's really nutso. Anyone can debunk that one in about 30 seconds by searching google images for Holmes' attorney and comparing with that image of Mrs. Phelps. People will believe anything as long as someone says it with authority. Hmmm…..

  1. If this is true then why aren't witnesses and parents from the school and/or the town blowing the whistle? that's what I want to know…

    1. Exactly, if Emilie Parker is still alive and appearing in front of the press with Obama, surely Sandy Hook parents and residents have seen her around.

  2. How about doing a debunk on claiming that Mr. Parker (Emilie's father) is the same actor that plays famous skateboarder Tony Hawk. Ed Chiarini is crazy.

  3. "Now let's think about this…"

    OK, let's do… This photo with the president was taken two days after the shooting and Obama and everyone are grinning like fools. No problem, Joe. It's all perfectly natural.

    You need to stop calling people nutjobs because they don't buy your particular version of the truth. You don't know what happened there either.

    1. Of course they're grinning! They're with children who don't really understand what happened and, in any case, it's a VISIT FROM THE PRESIDENT! What average American wouldn't be happy and forget their troubles and put on a happy face for a moment! Jesus, you really have no ability to think rationally. Yes, I don't know what happened there, which is precisely why I am not making MASSIVE leaps of assumption like you and so many others. I am calling a cigar a cigar as when when it appears to be one and there is no good reason to think it is not.

      I'll continue to call nutjobs those people who think like nutjobs. It's up to the nutjobs.

      1. You know, you're totally right, Joe. The average American would be thrilled to death to have the president give a memorial speech for their dead kid and then get a smiley photo-op to boot. How neat is that? I'm sure they'll show that photo around for years to come… "Yes, and this is US (breathless!) with the PRESIDENT the day after Emilie was gunned down in cold blood." Sure, I get it now.

  4. Why is Robbie Parker smiling and laughing before he takes to the podium the day after his daughter was murdered? Why does he call it an accident and calls for sympathy for the murderers family? As a real parent, the empathizing with the murderer of my 6 year old, would come much later then the day after he killed my child.

  5. I really appreciate you revealing yourself. No need to thank me. I like to know those involved in treason. How long do you think the scam can continue.Your evil and their's will end soon.
    "Active Shooter Crisis Actors Target Mall Shootings via Visionbox "The producers then work with the trainers to create a "prompt book" for the actors so that key scenario developments can be triggered throughout the mall shooting simulation, and caught on tape.
    The actors can play the part of the shooters, mall employees, shoppers in the mall, shoppers who continue to arrive at the mall, media reporters and others rushing to the mall, and persons in motor vehicles around the mall.
    Visionbox Crisis Actors can also play the role of citizens calling 911 or mall management, or posting comments on social media websites. Sandy Hook
    Crisis Actors:Active Shooter Crisis Actors .What is real and what's a scripted drama?
    Social Media in Emergency Management:CA posting comments on social media websites.

    They have convinced you erroneously that you are untouchable and unaccountable? You will be the first one purged from them by them.
    But that will not save you from the accounting. Pretty convincing scripted scenario, even convinces you that they are in complete control. That money they paid you is worthless.They are not in control or else they would not need scripted production dramas to get what they want. That is not an indicator of one in control or in power.There are many of us within and without that are ID ing the likes of you who deceive, for your deception is very convincing to the sheeple but not to us. We gather the evidence and wait for the day that all are ID'd so that none of you psychopaths escape justice. We come for you soon. So carry on. Enjoy the blood and blood mammon that your impotent master has fooled you with, fool. The Yahweh Ruach ha Kodesh convicts you of your evil and sin…you have no conscience but you still fear and for some reason self preservation is still an instinct though you are not a living human soul.Evil are you.Insane.Unrecoverable? Yes, if unrepentant.If so, there is no inheritance or home for you for there will be no hell or kingdom of your master.In the meantime, cease and desist and that will be considered…
    Teodoro Leon III

    1. Not sure I'm getting you. Are you saying I'm going to hell because I pointed out the obvious fallacies that many people are promoting as evidence of conspiracy at Sandy Hook?

  6. "Terror-of-the-Situation"
    I find it hard to fathom a father laughing and joking within twenty four hours of his child's murder. Then the metamorphosis into "Mr. Mourning"…That video clip is surreal. Sorry, I don't buy your yarn…but nice try… You can't convince me anymore than you can kiss your own elbow. Next time…go whole hog and the postage Kimo Sabe~ maybe I'll bite…

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