It’s devolution baby! Destination nowhere under the stewardship of psychopaths

A grand conspiracy to poison the food supply? Not really.
A grand conspiracy to poison the food supply? Not really.

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character the authorities consider desirable.”

~ Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society.

Anyone who has taken even a cursory look at what passes for human food these days can’t but conclude that it is literally unfit to eat. Aspartame, BPA, fluoride, MSG, preservatives, cloned or irradiated meats, factory farming, GMOs, artificial colors, artificial flavors, nanoparticles – the list of franken-foods that we are asked to happily shove down our throats is ever-expanding and ever-more horrifying. It seems every day there’s a different news story about how our food supply is being perverted in ways that take us further and further away from what actually nourishes our bodies, and therefore ever further from being able to think, move and generally function as we should.

One would be forgiven, therefore, for seeing some sort of agenda behind this perversion of our food. How else can we explain the corruption of the most essential ingredient for mental, emotional and physical health, if not by positing a grand conscious conspiracy on the part of the ‘elite’ to control the global population? A population that isn’t able to think and do, isn’t able to rebel, right? Surely a population that is addicted to food additives – and even addictive natural foods that alter our perceptions, like gluten, casein and sugar, and make us dependent on these foods – is a population that is easily molded to the machinations of a ruling class.

One popular meme in our ‘post-modern’ dystopian society is ‘foods of oppression’. This term is often used specifically to describe white flour, white rice, white sugar and other refined ingredients that have made their way unchecked into the modern food supply (ironically enough, via the efforts of the ‘white man’). It is often pointed out that the Egyptians used to feed their slaves only bread and water – enough to keep them working, but not enough to give them the energy needed to take stock of their less than favorable situation and rebel, despite their superior numbers. In this video, grand conspiracy theorist par excellence, Alex Jones, tells us that we are living under the modern equivalent of the Egyptian overlords and they are using the same dastardly tactics to enslave us all.

Egyptian slaves pulling a giant block of cheese to feed their psychopathic masters
Egyptian slaves pulling a giant block of cheese to feed their psychopathic masters

On the one hand, the more we listen to Alex Jones et al and consider the hard data, the more we might see it as plausible that the continued toxifying of our food chain is all part of some diabolical master plan of the ‘elite’. Why else would these toxic food additives be added to the food supply, if not to “sicken and sterilize the population for the purpose of eugenics”? Surely a “planetary police state” is necessary to implant the “covert systems in the water and food to sterilize the populations”?
On the other hand, is there any actual evidence, other than the circumstantial kind, that a top secret agenda to control the population through the food supply actually exists? We see the toxicity, the continued dumping of garbage masquerading as food into the public at large, but is it part of a plan for “global sterilization”?

The Nature of the Beast

The problem is that there is a disconnect between what is being suggested by the Alex Joneses of this world and what we here at, supported by years of research into the present reality, have determined to be the emerging state of the world. That disconnect has to do with the nature of the elite and what that nature makes them capable of. We’re certainly not suggesting that the top echelon of the global pyramid are actually a decent bunch with the same basic conscience (or even a sense of ‘morality’) shared by most normal human beings. Quite the opposite in fact. What we are suggesting however is that, despite their rapacious natures, it’s unlikely that the ‘elite’ are capable of conceptualizing and carrying out a planet-wide agenda of the depth and magnitude that many conspiracy theorists suggest.

In order to understand this, we need to look a little more closely at exactly who (or what) is at the top of the pyramid. Here we are, of course, talking about psychopaths.

Regular readers of this website should be familiar with the idea that psychopaths are the ones ‘in charge’ here on planet Earth. Or, at the very least, the actions taken by these ‘elite’ are not informed by a conscience as it is normally understood by normal people. It’s not that editors are imbued with the ability, or the qualifications for that matter, to diagnose psychopathy at a distance. It’s simply the fact that it’s easy enough to determine whether or not actions taken on both a micro and macro scale are informed by a conscience.

 Obama 'creating the reality' where drone strikes are good for people in Yemen and Pakistan

Obama ‘creating the reality’ where drone strikes are good for people in Yemen and Pakistan

For example, the ordering of drone strikes against civilians, no matter how many alleged ‘terrorists’ are ‘taken out’, is an act that is devoid of conscience. Lying about weapons of mass destruction, chemical attacks against civilians or ‘homegrown terror plots’ in order to justify violent military or police action against foreign or domestic populations is a conscienceless act. Deceptively spying on the private communications of your own citizens, and then lying about it to the world, is acting without conscience. In short, the maxim: “By their fruits, ye shall know them” can take us a long way in separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

Paul Babiak, Ph.D. and Mary Ellen O’Toole, Ph.D. describe the psychopath in this way:

“Beneath the cleverly formed façade – typically created by psychopaths to influence their targets – is a darker side, which people eventually may suspect. They can be pathological liars who con, manipulate, and deceive others for selfish means. Some corporate psychopaths thrive on thrill seeking, bore easily, seek stimulation, and play mind games with a strong desire to win. Unlike professional athletes moved by a desire to improve performance and surpass their personal best, psychopaths are driven by what they perceive as their victims’ vulnerabilities. Little research exists on their inner psychological experiences; however, they seem to get perverted pleasure from hurting and abusing their victims.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) research indicates that psychopaths are incapable of experiencing basic human emotions and feelings of guilt, remorse, or empathy. This emotional poverty often is visible in their shallow sentiment. They display emotions only to manipulate individuals around them. They mimic other people’s emotional responses. Some lack realistic long-term goals, although they can describe grandiose plans. The impulsive and irresponsible psychopath lives a parasitic and predatory lifestyle, seeking out and using other people, perhaps, for money, food, shelter, sex, power, and influence.”

Sounds like an apt description of our political and financial world leaders, does it not? After all, the identification of the vulnerabilities of those you plan to exploit is central to successfully exploiting them. So if those at the top are psychopaths, or at the very least are driven by a psychopathic way of seeing the ‘other’, their complete lack of morality or conscience would make them capable, at least in theory, of crafting a plan to control, and even decimate, the global population. But does the lack of a conscience alone afford the psychopathic ‘elite’ the abilities necessary to wage a broad, long-term war of attrition against the masses of normal people?

The latest research on psychopathy suggests that they probably don’t. First off, psychopaths have their own conception of reality. They believe it can be declared by fiat, by the power of their words. Psychologist Amos Gunsberg wrote a harrowing appraisal of psychopaths called ‘Beyond Insanity’. He describes psychopaths, who he also refers to as “humanoids,” in this way:

“They make pronouncements without substantiation. To them, these pronouncements represent what reality is … pronouncement by pronouncement. The present pronouncement may contradict what they said a moment ago. This means nothing to them. They make no attempt to deal with the contradiction.

They demonstrate a total lack of understanding of what we mean by a “fact.” In their writings and in their speech, they do not use that word. We humans find this hard to believe. The use of facts is such a basic part of our lives. We base our conclusions and our actions on them. We go on from there to test things and establish more facts. When we debate, we present facts, and show how we derive our observations and our positions from them…

For them [psychopaths], whatever they “declare” is what’s real. What WE call reality is not real to them. THEY “pronounce” what is to be considered real.”

Gunsberg’s description of an encounter with a client illustrates the point well:

I asked a psychotherapy client to look at a chair which was situated about six feet away near a wall. I then asked her to describe the chair. She did, in rather complete detail, except for the legs. The chair she described had no legs!

I pointed this out, and asked how the chair could be suspended in air, with no legs to support it. She said: “I put it there.” I asked: “If you look away, will it fall to the floor?” She said: “No. If I look away, the chair is no longer there.” I asked: “If you look away . . . and it turns out the chair is still there?”

She ignored the question.

Gunsberg’s article is a worthy read, as frightening as it might be. He succinctly sums up the reality of the psychopath when he writes:

“Humanoids [Psychopaths] use the phrase “my perception” as a buzz word. They imagine what they choose, and tell us it is their ‘perception’… which, in their minds, establishes reality. What we call ‘facts’ do not exist for them.”

Compare the psychopath’s view of reality, as described above, with this story about a certain member of the Bush White House. In 2004, former Wall Street Journal reporter and author, Ron Suskind, wrote in The New York Times Magazine:

“In the summer of 2002, after I had written an article in Esquire that the White House didn’t like about Bush’s former communications director, Karen Hughes, I had a meeting with a senior adviser to Bush. He expressed the White House’s displeasure, and then he told me something that at the time I didn’t fully comprehend – but which I now believe gets to the very heart of the Bush presidency.

The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Suskind’s interlocutor is widely assumed to have been Karl Rove, but it could have been any one of his fellow frat-boy freaks.

So while the rest of us get tied down in our cumbersome ‘facts’, the ‘elite’ busy themselves with ‘creating the reality’, moment by moment, case by case, and motivated by their insatiable greed. Past facts have no bearing on the current reality for the psychopath. The new reality supersedes (or obliterates) the previous reality, which superseded (or obliterated) the reality previous to that. One can see why Gunsberg titled his piece “Beyond Insanity.” There is nothing sane in this view of reality.

But more importantly, this view of reality is so off the mark with the way the Universe actually functions, we are left wondering how such an approach to reality could ever successfully inform or direct a world-wide, long-term conspiracy to maintain control over the whole population. In a word, it can’t. Indeed, such a world-view is incapable of maintaining any sort of competence at all, which is reflected in the research on psychopaths.

“Natural human reactions … strike the psychopath as strange, interesting, and even comical. They therefore observe us… They become experts in our weaknesses and sometimes effect heartless experiments.” (Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology)

What’s more, the psychopath tends to exhibit what many would perceive as low intelligence:

“Psychopaths are slightly below average in intelligence, with no instances of the highest intelligence or creativity. While they can be skilled in certain sciences not requiring a humanistic world-view, according to Lobaczewski [author of Political Ponerology], they lack technical or craftsmanship skills. They also test low for ‘social wisdom’ and ‘socio-moral imagination’ [no doubt!]. Academic or business success is often the result of fraud, coercion, or the use of others’ work.”

A look at the writings of former-CIA insider Col. L. Fletcher Prouty reveals, far from a tightly-controlled machine capable of carrying out long-range secret agendas of infinite complexity, the ‘secret team’ consists of multiple groups loosely tied together, usually at cross-purposes, never entirely sure of what each other are up to and with members who are interspersed within multiple groups, all with varying agendas and loyalties. There is no overarching plan; there isn’t even a rough sketch. Indeed, it’s not even that the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing; each finger and toe is working completely on its own. Yet they always encourage the perception of a monolithic force, fully aware, united in purpose and in charge of the planet.

So looking at the facts presented here, one wonders if the tight control of the world is not really effected by some grand conscious conspiracy bur rather by a lynchpin so banal, and yet so dastardly, it almost defies comprehension: that the elite control the world primarily because they say and believe that they do. Keep in mind Babiak and O’Toole’s above description of those who “lack realistic long-term goals, although they can describe grandiose plans”.

But what about Chemtrails?!

oh look! it's evidence of the cooling of our atmosphere due to comet-dust loading leading to an imminent ice age...I mean, 'oh look! the government is trying to poison us'.
oh look! it’s evidence of the cooling of our atmosphere due to comet-dust loading leading to an imminent ice age…I mean, ‘oh look! the government is trying to poison us’.

Take the chemtrail phenomenon, for instance. As Laura Knight-Jadzcyk points out in her article Chemtrails? Contrails? Strange Skies, the idea that there is a tightly-controlled conspiracy in place to spray some sort of aerosol from the engines of planes onto an unwitting populace from high up in the upper atmosphere is fairly implausible. Never mind the many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of accomplices they would need to be involved to cover the entire globe, it turns out that spraying something in the upper atmosphere is pretty much the worst way you could actually deliver some sort of chemical onto those on the ground, or onto the ground itself, as some versions of the conspiracy theory posit. Some material in the upper atmosphere just never comes down, or comes down only after an unpredictably long time, and since one could never aim anything with even the loosest desire for accuracy, most of what was ‘sprayed’ by planes in the upper atmosphere would end up in the ocean. Those are the facts, those inconvenient things that psychopaths and their true believer followers deny exist.

So the whole ‘chemtrail’ idea could be quickly and easily debunked, and yet it is not. Other than a smattering of debunking articles, the ‘chemtrails’ conspiracy is supported by the vast majority of alternative news websites. This is basically free advertising for the Powers That BeTM (PTB), in that it attests to powers that they simply don’t possess. All they have to do is sit back and reap the benefits of a natural, yet unique-to-our-times, phenomenon which confronts people every time they look to the skies; the cause of which, incidentally, is likely much scarier than any dastardly plan the PTB could come up with (see the aforementioned ‘Chemtrails? Contrails? Strange Skies‘).

So we’re sorry to have to break it to you, but it just may be that the current cabal of psychopaths in power isn’t consciously manipulating the food chain so that citizens become fat, lazy and stupid, and therefore more willing slaves, and neither were their ideological forebears. It seems more likely that the dire state of the food supply and human health that predominates on the planet today (not to mention the corruption in just about every other sphere of life) is just a natural byproduct of an overly powerful corporatocracy protecting its greedy interests. Those interests are controlled by spreading lies (lies that drip effortlessly from the psychopaths’ lips), and the consequences for the rest of us in believing those lies is the horror show that confronts us, if we dare to look. Believing lies, in all their brazen gall, appears to have a very real, tangible and negative effect on the believers.

In the same way, the Egyptian rulers of old probably didn’t know that by feeding their slaves only bread, the slaves wouldn’t have enough energy to rebel. Or at least, that was not the primary goal. The primary goal was probably greed, and they didn’t want to waste the good stuff, like meat and wine, on their expendable slaves. That is to say, it was merely an all-consuming greedy self-interest, and a natural instinct to say and do anything to protect that self-interest, that created the appearance of a transgenerational conspiracy of epic proportions that maintains the rule of a corrupt elite to this day.

Milking it for all their worth

Let’s take another hot-button topic in the alternative nutrition world: raw milk. The raw milk enthusiasts would have you believe that their dairy products are a panacea, with their higher fat-soluble vitamin content, natural lactic bacterial cultures and superior fatty acid profile. There’s little question that raw milk is a healthier substance than its over-processed, pus-filled, pasteurized counterpart that graces the shelves of every grocery store in the Western world.

News flash: Raw milk is not necessarily healthy. In fact, it’s likely that very few of us are of the genetic disposition to actually benefit from it, cemented by the fact that the rest of people’s diet is likely utter garbage. But the actions of the FDA only bolsters the Raw Milkers’ resolve.

It seems this bogus health claim about raw milk is enough to have any regulation against it labelled as a direct attack on our choice to take care of our own health. And indeed, the truly ridiculous overreaction against raw milk producers, including SWAT-style raids by armed FDA agents holding farmers at gunpoint while their wares are destroyed, certainly helps cement this notion.

I mean, do I LOOK human? Stay away from my milk!
I mean, do I LOOK human? Stay away from my milk!

Police state antics against raw milk producers can be explained, however, as simply a result of the psychopathic elite’s general desire to maintain control, which includes control of the food supply, and the income it generates. Any move toward independent food production counts as a dollar they’re not getting. While the over-enthusiasm in busting up these raw milk rings is completely disproportionate to the ‘crime’, we could still say that they’re just protecting their ‘business interests’.

The overall goal here is to scare the hell out of some farmers to get them in line and stop trying to skirt the system. It’s taken effort to put in place mega-factory-farming operations that pump out low-quality milk from tortured cows, and they’re not going to let anyone slip through the cracks or upset the system. Plus, allowing unpasteurized milk on the market would mean having to admit that pasteurization is an unnecessary process, provided the cows are healthy and coming from small batch farms. No one must question iron-clad FDA food safety procedures, crafted in league with Big Agri-business.
Their agenda is unlikely to be ‘keeping people from a truly healthy food’, but rather keeping any dollars from escaping their greedy little fists. They’re after complete control, as the criminal actions of the FDA and Monsanto/Dow Chemicals have continually proven. The FDA, and various corporate oligarchs, have also stated that citizens don’t have a right to choose their own food or water.

As an interesting aside, with the growth in popularity of organic foods and dietary supplements, the monolithic corporations have begun to move in and take over the smaller grassroots companies that started these movements. Many within the field, naturally alarmed by this trend, say this is part of the planet-wide agenda to control and subvert these movements, to pervert organic regulations and erode the healthy principles on which they started. Indeed, this is an understandable perspective, as the processed ‘health food’ on the market does indeed resemble the same garbage being fed the rest of the population, who don’t give a damn about what they put in their mouths. But again this can simply be the result of corporate entities seeing yet another market to be exploited. They see that people will pay more for something that’s organic, so they make their stuff ‘organic’. It’s the same cheap processed crap, and they’ll do everything in their power to save a buck, including working to loosen regulations on organics, but it’s still done in the name of the almighty dollar, not ‘ultimate control of the populace’.

The Zombie genes that built America

An even better example of what happens when the psychopathic mind is allowed to structure human society is genetically modified foods. GMOs are a complete biological nightmare, straight out of the Island of Dr. Moreau. You’ve got scientists inserting foreign genetic material from plants or animals into other plants or animals using methods as precise as coating a tiny metal pellet with DNA and firing it at the cell nucleus, or using electric shocks to tear holes in sperm cells and then sneaking the foreign genetic material inside. We’re not even kidding. It’s the scientific equivalent of beer pong.

The resulting abominations are completely unstable, as they are in a constant state of mutation. The GM process itself:

“creates massive collateral damage, causing mutations in hundreds or thousands of locations throughout the plant’s [or animal’s] DNA. Natural genes can be deleted or permanently turned on or off, and hundreds may change their behavior. Even the inserted gene can be damaged or rearranged, and may create proteins that can trigger allergies or promote disease.

They’re also not subject to any long-term safety testing – nothing beyond 90 days anyway – and the safety tests which are done are conducted by the Agri-business giants themselves (no potential for bias there eh?). Whistleblowers have stated that they were forced to alter data in these studies. GMOs are also not tested for environmental safety, nor are their impacts on other plants, animals or humans considered in any way shape or form. They’re not subject to any other type of testing or observation at all, aside from determining whether or not the desired mutation is present.

So to suppose that these frankensteinian monstrosities have any sort of purpose other than to get onto the market and make wads of money is giving the psychopaths in the upper echelons of Monsanto (and the US government) far more credit than they deserve. Given their complete lack of stability, it’s unlikely GMOs would be a very efficient delivery system for getting specific DNA with a specific agenda into the humans who consume them. The chance of it not mutating before it gets into the system seems highly unlikely. And given the fact that biotech companies are working their darnedest to avoid all possible testing, it seems that any negative effects will be the result of chance alone. So if, in a few years, you start to notice mutated Zombie-like humans hanging around on street corners, just remember, no one planned it, it just happened because of the greed of psychopaths who thought they could ‘create reality’.gmo-gentically-modified-organism

But the ‘grand conspiracy’ buff may still not be dissuaded by our argument. Our foods are being deliberately tampered with to insert genetic material as part of an underhanded plot to… do something bad. What that something bad is, depends on the source, but the usual cast of characters – population control, IQ-lowering, sterilization or to just plain kill you – are all out there on the wild wide webs. To be honest, we can’t really blame them.

Based on what we do know about them, not to even think about what we don’t know, genetically modified foods are horrific. We’ve all seen the pictures floating around Facebook of the tumorous rats who ate nothing but GM feed. Even the relatively mainstream American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) stated in 2009 that “several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with genetically modified (GM) food,” citing infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. The AAEM even called for physicians to advise their patients to avoid GM foods. The message, of course, was promptly ignored, either because it never reached the physicians, or it was drowned out by the ‘public relations’ streaming from the Big-Ag industry’s powerful lobby.

Insatiable Greed is the name of the Game

But again, we need to stop and really think about this and realise that it’s actually worse than the conspiracy theorists think. It’s much more disturbing to think that the destruction of our global society and planet, in almost every way, is a largely unintended result of the mindless greed of a cabal of psychopathic leaders, than to think that the ‘elite’ have been plotting everything down to the last detail. If this latter scenario where true, there would at least be some chance of exposing these deliberate machinations, but there isn’t, because there is no such plot, and you’ll never get a psychopath in power to admit it because he really, really didn’t mean to do it. He just likes money and control. It all just happens as a byproduct, and the psychopath just doesn’t care, at all, about what’s happening. More to the point, he can’t care, because he is genetically unable to do so.

So it’s all really just about dollars, what they represent, and the unceasing greed that funnels profits and control up to the pyramid’s apex. Psychopaths in power will stop at nothing to hoover up every last dollar left at the base of the pyramid in their drive to gain complete control of the entire food chain. 80% of the GM crops for human consumption are designed to be resistant to poisons so that the farmer is entirely dependent on not only purchase of the seeds, but also the poison. Cha-ching. They have a patented monopoly on the seeds they offer. Cha-ching. They have bribed, manipulated, threatened, fudged studies, bought regulatory powers and much, much more in order to ensure their complete dominance over what the world eats and grows. Cha-ching. They bought and paid for the ‘Doctrine of Substantial Equivalence’ from the Bush administration, a fraudulent term that declares GM plants as being completely the same as their non-modified counterparts, the coup de grace for any hope of regulating them. Cha-ching!

Don't worry, we'll just 'create' another one when we're done!
Don’t worry, we’ll just ‘create’ another one when we’re done!

So we’re left with evidence that the psychopaths in power are not really directing what is happening on our planet as part of some grand, heinous scheme. They just want your wallet. Much like the chemtrail conspiracy, GM foods are simply not an efficient way to deliver a contemptible plot upon the unwitting masses. Not at the level the technology is currently at, anyway. They’re basically like children with a handgun – they don’t know how to use it, but they’re determined to go ahead and try, and holy bejeezus is that dangerous!

Remember again what Babiak and O’Toole said about the psychopath; that they are irresponsible, parasitic and predatory, “seeking out and using other people, perhaps, for money, food, shelter, sex, power, and influence.” Or what Lobaczewski said about how “academic or business success is often the result of fraud, coercion, or the use of others’ work.” These Big-Ag conglomerates have gotten hold of some smart guys and are bleeding them for all they’re worth. And no evidence of a complete failure of the technology, no matter how damning, will get in their way, because, after all, they’re “creating reality”!

The point being made here is not that there are no massive manipulations going on behind the scenes. This is, after all, the raison d’être of the psychopath. Rather, the point being made is that the psychopath simply does not have the ability to manipulate on a grand, long-term scale, to steer the population in a particular direction. In point of fact, all evidence suggests they don’t have the ability to even perceive the big picture beyond their own wants and desires of the most basic animalistic nature (money, sex, power, etc.), or for the enjoyment of manipulation in and of itself. Nor, quite likely, do they even care about the big picture; people cannot care about that which they have no capacity to perceive.

But, as you may have noticed, this combination of successive generations of ‘elite and insanely greedy’ psychopaths creating the conditions that ‘select’ for the further psychopathologization of society (and therefore more psychos in power) is more than enough to not only destroy the planet and any semblance of a decent standard of living for most people on it, but to create the appearance of someone, somewhere, having planned it all out that way a long time ago.

This is what makes the idea that the not-so-secret agenda of the elite is to wipe out 95% of the population in order to “save the planet” from our unimpeded strain on its limited resources so laughable. This implies that the elite actually give a damn about the planet. They don’t. Any cursory examination of the corporatocracy and its blatant disregard for any environmental concerns whatever in its unceasing consumption of every possible consumable planetary resource should disabuse even the most ardent conspiracy buff of this idea. Note we said should. The Wormtongue whisperings of the likes of Alex Jones in the ear of anyone who will listen ensures that this logic rarely reaches the surface of capable minds in the audience.

All they care about is their food source and making sure it keeps being food.

We realize that all this may be a little hard to accept, particularly for those of you nourished on a staple of conspiracy-focused websites. How can it be that things seem to work out so perfectly, that all this striving after money or resources, all this manifestation of greed, manages to so efficiently steer the population toward death and disease? How is it that the elite has managed to “accidentally” put humanity into a state in which they are so easily controlled, manipulated, dumbed-down and poisoned?

It’s a good question, and we’ve alluded to the answer above. It may not be that ‘they’ are trying to dumb us down through forcing unhealthy foods on us, but that the dumbing-down is what naturally happens when a society believes lies en masse. That the consequence of believing lies, accepting wholesale the viewpoint of an outside authority and relinquishing our power to make informed decisions is to lose our very ability to do so. In other words, believing lies leads to a lack of critical thinking, which leads to a society that is sick in almost every way. All are natural consequences of the ponerogenic process that is the hallmark of a ruling psychopathic elite.

And while the planet can be seen as being steered towards an overarching control system, it would be incorrect to lay the blame solely at the door of the psychopathic elite. Such conscienceless pseudo-humans act in what appears to be the best course of action for their own best interests, as supremely self-serving, greedy, and repugnant – from normal humanity’s point of view – as that may be. It may be that the psychopaths are agents of the manifestation of certain changes in the ‘information field’ at a level of reality we are only able to perceive through pattern-recognition of vague outlines that are barely perceivable in our reality. There may be something ‘higher’ than us – for want of a better term – that is causing strife in our lives and leading us ever closer to global enslavement. But to suppose that this is a conscious effort made by those at the top of the heap here on the planet is to give them much more credit than they deserve. The fact is, they just ain’t that smart.

Don Juan, in the writings of Carlos Casteneda, said that in order to ‘face the unknown’ we have to be able to face petty tyrants:

“If seers can hold their own in facing petty tyrants, they can certainly face the unknown with impunity, and then they can even stand the presence of the unknowable. Nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power. Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to stand the pressure of the unknowable.”

~ Carlos Casteneda, The Fire From Within

This seems opposite to what logic would dictate. You would think that, after ‘facing the unknown’, a petty tyrant, with all his human frailties, would be of little consequence.

But Don Juan makes a very good point. We need to be able to deal with our lives and reality on this level. It doesn’t matter if there’s an unknown, unseen force working to turn our planet into a slave colony, making moves through the psychopathic elite, weakening our will through a tainted food supply, and leading us to give up our humanity. Fighting on our ‘level’ means fighting against psychopathy, the agents themselves, the petty tyrants. And we don’t fight them by confronting their thugs in uniform on the streets. It means not falling for their games, and not giving up in the face of obscene odds, when everyone around you is making the choice for zombieism over conscious thought.

You’ll notice that, despite the fact that SOTT has to continually fight off all manner of attack, designed specifically to shut us down and shut us up, the Alex Joneses of the world are allowed to continue with their propaganda campaigns unimpeded, pushing the idea of a world-wide control system and population control agenda. Remember how the psychopaths love to brag about their machinations and manipulations, how they’re incapable of carrying out long-range plans but love to divulge their grand schemes. Maybe they take extreme delight in someone like Jones pointing out diabolical conspiracies to vector attention away from their fumblings and directionless greed. But then again, they probably just don’t care.

The fact is, the more you think the planet is under the conscious control and direction of the elite, the less control you believe you have, and are likely to assume you have, in and for your own life and the collective life of all normal people on this planet. In reality, the scariest thing is not that the elite are steering us towards a horrible future, it’s that we’re heading for that horrible future fast, and there’s actually no one at the wheel who gives a damn about the future, because they don’t know what a fact is and think they can ‘create their own reality’.

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  1. hey man dunno how I stumbled on your site. very intriguing and definitely an enthralling hypothesis. However, how are the masses supposed to labor and sweat and bleed for the "few" if they aren't fit and healthy enough to do so?

    1. They're fit enough to do the menial tasks that the elite would never imagine themselves doing. Keeping their brains dysfunctional with toxic food etc. is perfect for making sure they can't think and therefore question their slavery.

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