'Punk Rock Band' 'Pussy Riot' with token guitar which none of them know how to play

Useless idiots: ‘Punk Rock Band’ ‘Pussy Riot’ with token guitar, which none of them know how to play

When the US government sanctioned the beating and arrest of US citizens for swaying from side to side in the Jefferson Memorial a couple of years ago, it provoked no response from the Western media (and therefore the Western zombie-citizens who rely entirely on the media for their ‘opinions’). Yet the Russian government, sorry, ‘Putin’ (because everyone knows Putin is a dictator, right?) is broadly denounced as a ‘tyrant’ by these same Western zombies (again because their ‘outraged opinion’ was deftly inserted into their brains by the Western media) for putting a stop to the ugly spectacle of deranged Russian women sticking chickens up their nether regions in supermarkets, daubing outlines of phalli on bridges, staging  lewd events in a museum and cavorting around like retards in Russian Orthodox churches as part of their 3 year long international attack on the Russian government.

Disconnect? For sure, but, like I said, don’t expect any logic from the collective mind of the citizens of Western zombie nations. All you can hope to do is understand the psychopathic logic of Western governments and the way it infects the minds and manipulates the emotions of Western citizens.

‘Pussy Riot’, or 11 Russian women between the ages of 20-33, has received direct support from the US state department and appears to be one aspect of the US government’s decade-long attempt to undermine Russian society and its president Vladimir Putin. Pussy Riot appears to be funded, in part, by the US government and George Soros, albeit by an indirect route. Oksana Chelysheva is the coordinator of Pussy Riot’s support campaign in Finland  but she is also a member of the steering committee of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF).  The CSF was established in Prague in 2011 with the help of the Open Society Fund Prague which is funded by George Soros. Chelysheva also Deputy Executive Director of the Helsinki-based Russian-Chechen Friendship Society, which is directly funded by the National Endowment for Democracy. So at least in Finland, Pussy Riot’s coordinator is a high-level member of several ‘open society’ organisations that receive funding from either the US government or George Soros. Read More →



I can’t really comment in any informed way on societies in the East, except to point to the Chinese slave workers who produce mountains of plastic crap for Western nations to use and then dump in the ground and oceans; the Middle East’s role as a bombing target, ‘terrorist’ recruiting ground and civil war factory for Western warmongers, and South East Asia and Africa as a block of new ‘nations’ born out of the ‘white man’s burden’ to civilize their people via brutal colonization and then grant them ‘independence’ in the form of never-ending debt to Western banks.

In the West on the other hand, where I live, I can say with confidence that our modern society, its political and social conventions, customs and morality, has past it’s expiry date and is well and truly moribund. If I were a political or social cartoonist, the image would be a giant rotting corpse plastered in thick make up and doused in cheap perfume with a greedy banker’s hand up its ass making it move and talk to fool the public into thinking that they actually has a future worth living in.

Leading the cast in this tragicomedy (heavy on the tragi) we find our psychopathic leaders and their media whores trying extra hard to convince us that everything is just fine. But that smell, that stench of lies and the screaming contradiction between what they say and what we can all see (if we look) is making it increasingly hard to believe them, and even our own wishful thinking. Read More →

roll-your-own-cigaretteEarlier today I posted a comment on this BBC article. It was one of those comment boxes where you submit your name, location, ph. number and email address and it gets sent off to the BBC’s department of censorship for rejection.

My comment went something like: “It’s nice to finally see some official recognition that sugar is involved in cancer. Governments should redirect the funds they allocate to anti-smoking campaigns towards a campaign to inform people about the dangers of a high-carb diet and to promote a Paleo diet, as  a way to prevent the spread of cancer”.

The strange thing is, right now there are no comments at all under that article, and there is no longer any option to comment, so I was wondering what actually happens to them and what the point of asking for comments is.

A while ago I found out. A nice program researcher from the BBC called me and referred to my comment and asked me if I would like to take part in a BBC radio show that is to discuss the ‘tidal wave’ of cancer that is bearing down on us all. Read More →

Philip-seymour-hoffmanThe claim that the recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman was ‘predicted’ ‘earlier this week’ by a tabloid media site appears to be a hoax. Actually, it’s a hoax of a hoax.

There is a website called Mediamass, that appears to run some kind of software script that is linked to google search. The way it seems to work is that if someone searches google for the name of a famous person and the words “dead 2014” or just “dead” or “died” the Mediamass site will produce a web page with that person’s face on a fake tabloid mag called ‘Starmag’ and some text explaining, not that the famous person in question has died, but that the famous person was reported to have died and that the report was in fact a hoax. The story and picture are themselves a hoax. Read More →

Last year I wrote an analysis of the Boston Bombings and the idea that ‘actors’ were used in place of victims. In that article I made reference to other websites and researchers who had taken up this meme and run with it. Author and researcher Dave McGowan has been cited most often (to me at least) as having made the best case for ‘actors’. McGowan has published a multi-part series of articles, all of which rely heavily on photographs to make his case. In this article I’ll be looking at the ‘evidence’ that he presents for the ‘actors’ theory. Before I begin though, I should explain how and why my approach differs from what appears to be the way McGowan has approached this event.

The short explanation is that my approach employs a sane mind, logic and critical thinking. McGowan’s approach employs mostly his imagination. Read More →