Yemen-deadI’ve been wondering; is everyone meant to be impressed by the latest “ISIS” attacks in Yemen where someone detonated 5 bombs inside Mosques packed with innocent men women and children, killing 130? Or what about “ISIS” gunning down 23 tourists in a Tunisian museum? Do the perpetrators of these atrocities think that gunning down defenseless people in order to spread fear of Muslim terrorists makes them special? Because it really doesn’t. It makes them despicable degenerates, the shit on the sole of the shoe of the human race. Read More →



I can’t really comment in any informed way on societies in the East, except to point to the Chinese slave workers who produce mountains of plastic crap for Western nations to use and then dump in the ground and oceans; the Middle East’s role as a bombing target, ‘terrorist’ recruiting ground and civil war factory for Western warmongers, and South East Asia and Africa as a block of new ‘nations’ born out of the ‘white man’s burden’ to civilize their people via brutal colonization and then grant them ‘independence’ in the form of never-ending debt to Western banks.

In the West on the other hand, where I live, I can say with confidence that our modern society, its political and social conventions, customs and morality, has past it’s expiry date and is well and truly moribund. If I were a political or social cartoonist, the image would be a giant rotting corpse plastered in thick make up and doused in cheap perfume with a greedy banker’s hand up its ass making it move and talk to fool the public into thinking that they actually has a future worth living in.

Leading the cast in this tragicomedy (heavy on the tragi) we find our psychopathic leaders and their media whores trying extra hard to convince us that everything is just fine. But that smell, that stench of lies and the screaming contradiction between what they say and what we can all see (if we look) is making it increasingly hard to believe them, and even our own wishful thinking. Read More →

Indiscriminate terrorist attacks against civilians have traditionally been used by authoritarian governments to spread fear in an effort to control the population

Indiscriminate terrorist attacks against civilians have traditionally been used by authoritarian governments to spread fear in an effort to control the population

‘Marathon Monday’ will never be the same for Bostonians. The 117th Boston Marathon ended abruptly when two bombs went off in quick succession at 2.50 pm EST near the finish line on Boylston Street in downtown Boston. As of this writing, 3 people have been confirmed dead, 17 are critically wounded and another 176 have been treated for injuries. The bombs – spaced some 500 yards and 10 seconds apart – went off on the same side of the street, where many spectators had gathered to cheer runners on to the finish line.

Flying limbs and streets awash in blood from what were effectively anti-personnel bombs, designed to maximise trauma, are daily occurrences in countries occupied by the U.S. military, but such gruesome scenes aren’t usually seen on the streets of the ‘homeland’. Until now.

As the initial shock subsides to make way for an official narrative that will no doubt squeeze every ounce of political capital from this heinous deed, we want to point out some of the inconsistencies we’ve noticed thus far. Read More →

Iran – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sunday inaugurated the country’s first domestically-built, long-range, unmanned bomber aircraft, calling it an “ambassador of death to Iran’s enemies.

Oooh! it’s gold and shiny!

Ya know, I’m sort of getting tired of all this. There isn’t going to be an attack on Iran any time soon, and Israel, the US and the Iranians know it. That’s why they’re all having so much fun. The major reason all of the sabre-rattling is going on is for OUR benefit, to keep humanity afraid, corralled and controlled, physically, mentally, emotionally and therefore, indirectly, spiritually.

Check out this link from a rabid, brain-dead right-winger in the US. It’s about the “ground zero Mosque”. Scroll down and look at the pictures from a recent demonstration. Read the slogans on the placards etc.

These people’s understanding of what is really going on in the world is so abysmal, so utterly wrong, that it’s ‘not even wrong’!

This is why civilisations and entire species disappear. When “consciousness units” reach a certain point of saturation with an entirely false and illusory perception of what actually IS, they are moved to the obsolete list. They no longer serve any purpose from the point of view of creation. They MIGHT survive and find a place for themselves in the grand scheme of things IF they had the power to manifest and maintain a world where their own illusions were actually real, but folks down here don’t have that power. The only reason they are still around is because they are not entirely to blame, they have, after all, been deceived by others into believing what they believe, but even the universe has a limit to its patience.

So all of a sudden we have “ground zero Mosque” and stories like that of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the Iranian woman who has been “saved from stoning” in Iran. Does ANYONE think it is a coincidence that these stories appear as the US and Israel are banging the war drums about Iran and its non-existent/no threat whatsoever, nuke program? Just look at these stories and REALISE just how controlled our world and our perception of it is.

But let’s look on the bright side; the situation is SO bad that, for the next 6 months, when you see ANY stories that paint Muslims or Iran in a negative light, you can very safely assume, without any investigation (if you so choose), that they are 100% false. In fact, you can back-date that advice…oh, about 100 years.

For the record:

On the Mosque:

People who may or may not be Muslim purchased property. It is an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory, about 2 blocks from Ground Zero. There are no plans for a Mosque there.

On the stoning:

Iran doesn’t stone anyone. It doesn’t appear as a punishment on their penal books.