‘Killing His Own People’

“Killing your own people” – a good strategy in the face of foreign invasions (if you’re an imbecile)

In case you haven’t noticed, Western governments have never shown much creativity when trying to find an excuse to wage a war against another nation. Usually, they just rely on the gullibility of the masses of people and on the mainstream media to repeatedly spread the lie. On several occasions, such a the Gulf of Tonkin incident, their creativity has extended to attacking themselves (or claiming they have been attacked).

In recent years, as the US political and military juggernaut has grown more desperate in its search for new foreign resources to prop up the failing empire, the causus belli has been reduced to the puerile claim that such and such a leader is “killing his own people”. But the plausibility of this claim, in terms of the leaders against whom it has been used, and the context in which it has been used, rests on a belief that is entirely implausible.

Last year, we were told that NATO had to begin a bombing campaign of Libya because Gaddafi was “killing his own people”. We were asked to believe this claim in the context of an armed revolution on the part of foreign mercenaries against Gaddafi. We were, in short, asked to  believe that, under the threat of a foreign-based coup, Gaddafi was nutty enough to attack the only people that he could rely on to resist the coup – his own people.Strangely enough, NATO’s bombing campaign resulted in the mass murder of up to 40,000 Libyan civilians.

Likewise, last year and this year in Syria, we have been bombarded with mainstream media reports that President Assad has been ordering the mass murder of Syrian civilians in response to a coup attempt by the very same mercenaries that attacked Gaddafi. Assad, like Gaddafi, is apparently so clueless that he takes actions that are sure to destroy popular support for his rule and thereby directly help the foreign mercenaries trying to remove him.

Any authoritarian ruler with half a brain understands that at the moment that the entire country turns against you, unless you can rely on your military forces to quell massive armed revolution (which is unlikely), you are history. For that reason, most such rulers have historically made sure to keep at least a decent majority of the population on their side. In many cases, they opt for a large majority. That means no mass torture programs, no mass police state tactics, and no mass “killing your own people”.

But somehow, Gaddafi and Assad have missed this time-honored lesson, which leaves us with the problem of how such complete idiots could have ever risen to and maintained positions of power (for decades) in their respective countries. The level of stupidity and incompetence required to take such completely self-defeating actions is…well…unbelievable. Literally.

Of course, for the alleged enemies of the West to adhere to such an imbecilic strategy is nothing new. Surely we all remember ‘al-qaeda in Iraq’ allegedly murdering tens of thousands of Iraqis (in hundreds of ‘suicide bombs’) in an effort to fight the invading US army? Don’t tell me it doesn’t make perfect sense for an Islamic fighting group to attack and kill other Muslims in the face of an ‘infidel’ Christian force invading a Muslim country! Of course it makes sense, as long as you realise that the strategy we are dealing with here is the strategy of Western governments in their effort to bamboozle Western populations (and soldiers) into supporting (and fighting in) their wars of conquest.

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