Boo! Mullah Omar

Boo! Mullah Omar

Had a good laugh today when I read the news that the supreme council of the Afghan Taliban reportedly elected a new leader on hearing of the death of their old leader, Mullah Omar.

The election was “confirmed” by “anonymous Taliban commanders to several news agencies”. Apparently the Talibaners didn’t know that their leader has been dead for 2 years, and had to hear it from the government in Kabul, at which point, they rushed to elect a new one because, ya know, everyone needs a leader!

An alleged image of Omar, more myth than man who has been “killed” several times just like Zarqawi and Osama, was circulated around the time of the US invasion of Afghanistan pitching him as the leader of the Taliban. Omar has, however, never been seen by a single Westerner and even the only alleged telephone interview with him by the BBC cannot be confirmed as having actually involved Omar.

So much like al-Zarqawi of Iraq and bin Laden, Omar was little more than an appropriately scary image of an enemy around which the US govt. could rally the public and military to justify war and conquest against no real enemy whatsoever, unless you class ordinary civilians as an enemy, which of course, the US government always has.

ImageBritish security services, known for their hysterical obsession with terrifying the British public through repeated bogus terror threats, recently used the British gutter press to claim that IS (the CIA/Mossad/Saudi proxy army formerly known as ISIL/ISIS) could use easily-affordable home-assembly drones to drop explosives on open-air sporting and cultural events (but not British government or intelligence service buildings, of course), causing mass casualties which could be filmed by on-board cameras. These videos would then be handed to Rita Katz and her SITE group for uploading to Youtube, thereby ensuring the drama reaches the widest audience. Read More →


Sandra Bland and the jail cell where she died under extremely dubious circumstances

Sandra Bland. Remember the name, if you can. She’s just the latest in a growing, publicly known list of American citizens who have been either physically abused or murdered by US police for having the temerity to question their ‘authority’. Read More →


British tabloid two days after the downing of MH17. Note the ‘coincidental’ juxtaposition of an image of the royal baby

One year ago today over Eastern Ukraine, someone deliberately shot down Malaysian Flight MH17 killing all 298 passengers and crew, most of them Dutch citizens.

In the immediate aftermath of the event, and I mean, ‘immediate’, the Western media and the Western political elite its works for, blamed ‘pro-Russian rebels’, Russia, and even Vladimir Putin himself for bringing down the plane with a Buk M1 missile. No evidence was presented to back up the claim. Read More →

Merkel-Greek-ATMSome say the Euro was designed to fail. Not true. The Euro was designed to do a very specific job, and it has performed admirably in that respect:

The ideological progenitor of the Euro is economist Robert Mundell. He said:

“The Euro puts monetary policy out of the reach of politicians. Without [control] of fiscal policy, the only way nations can keep jobs is by the competitive reduction of rules on business”

Which means, the Euro was specifically designed to take control of national finances away from nation states and put it in the hands of a greedy, corrupt elite in Brussels. To maintain any semblance of prosperity, nations states would have to enact ‘deregulation’ laws that favored big business and their profits and ‘crucified’ ordinary workers. Yet in passing such laws, generalized poverty is absolutely assured.

In case you missed it, this is “class war”, or far more accurately, war on normal human beings by psychopaths – those intraspecies predators who delight in the suffering of others and are singularly responsible for all, and I mean ALL, of the ills of the world.

“They crucified Tsipras in there,” remarked a senior EU official who had attended yesterday’s European Council emergency summit meeting. “Crucified.”

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