Bengali immigrants in Myanmar

It’s all too easy for Western governments, their media and ‘NGOs’ to jerk the emotional chains of Western populations. A humanitarian crisis can be ongoing for years, but if Western governments have nothing to gain from it (or are partly responsible for it), the Western media says little about it and the populations of Western nations remain oblivious. If, on the other hand, Western governments decide that some beleaguered group of people should become the next humanitarian cause célèbre in service to some geopolitical intrigue, the Western press is activated and suddenly everyone is ‘up in arms’ with calls to ‘do something’ to help the poor [insert name of ethnic or religious group in specific geopolitical hotspot]. You could call it ‘humanitarian imperialism’. Read More →

Radio Sputnik asked me to opine on the recent FBI ‘interrogation’ of a former Sputnik America journalist and the threat that Sputnik America may soon find itself on the wrong end of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. So I took the opportunity to talk a bit about the hysterical Russo-phobia in the USA in general and what the point is.

A bit less than 7 minutes.

Back in September 2015, ISIS had been rampaging across Syria, slaughtering civilians and destroying towns and cities, for about 4 years. At that time, there was good reason to believe that the Syrian Arab Army would soon be defeated by ISIS and ‘rebel’ forces, and the Syrian government ousted. This was despite the fact that a US-led coalition had allegedly been ‘bombing ISIS’ for almost a year, with the strange effect that the jihadis had steadily increased their territory across Syria and Iraq. Obviously, at this point, it’s pretty clear that the only reason that band of paid mercenaries called ‘ISIS’ was ever in a position to threaten Syria was because it was receiving massive funding, weapons and training from the USA and its Gulf Allies. Read More →

                                Thanks Murica! You’re number 1!

Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva has been fired from her job at the Trud newspaper in Bulgaria after reporting how the CIA (and others) run a covert operation where US defense contractors are used to procure weapons from Bulgarian and other East European arms manufacturers and send them to terrorist groups around the world, including al-Qaeda/al-Nusra/ISIS in Syria. Read More →

                                                     Over-dramatize much?

The ‘white supremacy’ march and car attack on antifa counterprotestors at Charlottesville last week has been presented by the mainstream media as clear evidence of the endemic racism in America, particularly among Conservatives and those who voted for or support Donald Trump. There’s a serious problem of racism and discrimination in America today, against Blacks, Latinos, homosexuals and transgenders, or so we’re told. Something has to be done, therefore, and everyone should get behind these ‘minorities’ and their fight for ‘equal rights’. Read More →

‘Lovely doing war business with you, your supreme headchoppyness’

The ‘coincidences’ and connections have been coming thick and fast over the past few days. Blink and you’ll miss them. Read More →

Given that ‘Islamic terrorism’ has been the most influential political and social meme of the last 17 years, the motive for a Muslim terror attack at a UK concert venue 2 weeks before a UK general election may be more complicated than it at first seems. Read More →

“Oh, and by the way, you’re fired.”

Donald Trump may not have drained the swamp in the delusional fairy tale way that so many people thought he could – remember, overly simplistic campaign promises are just for votes, real life is much more complex – but in his ongoing battle with the Washington swamp screwballs and the more insidious deep state operators, he is at least making good on his implicit promise to provide us all with a good laugh now and then. That the fun is often at the expense of the US liberal media and people like John McCain just makes it all the funnier. Read More →

Once again I ‘debated’ someone (this time a US professor) on the recent Presidential election win by Emmanuel Macron. I think I might have slipped in the “rigged” somewhere. 😉

From the humble beginnings that launched the war on Muslim terrorism on the basis of “they hate us because of our freedoms” and we must, therefore, “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here”, Western peoples are now faced with an existential threat and required to chose a ‘side’ or be damned to the seventh level of hell reserved for those who remain neutral in a time of crisis. The options from which we must all choose are fairly straightforward; broadly speaking, you can be ‘left’ or ‘right’, or a libtard or a fascist, if you prefer. Read More →