Britam Defence: Leaked Documents: False Flags are Standard Operating Procedure for Western Governments

Western-backed death squads in Syria aka 'al-qaeda'
Western-backed death squads in Syria aka ‘al-qaeda’

Western governments (in league with their Middle Eastern client states) began their proxy war attack (via paid mercenaries aka ‘al-qaeda’) on Syria in 2011. The ongoing Syria campaign is just the latest in a long line of direct or indirect attempts at ‘regime change’ by the Western (and global) elite over the past 10 years (although their history of attacking and destabilizing and overthrowing sovereign governments goes back at least 100 years).

Each time I have commented on these illegal and inhuman invasions and proxy wars, I have pointed to the evidence that we are not, and never have been, dealing with a ‘popular revolution’ or  a ‘civil war’ or a ‘terrorist threat’, but rather, always and everywhere with the age-old, tried and tested murderous tactics and outrageous lies of Western powers.

These type of ‘regime change’ operations include the use of several scurrilous, brutal and, frankly psychopathic tactics:

    • A covert effort (often many years in advance of any direct involvement) to destabilize the target government by funding ‘opposition groups’ within and outside the country in question.


    • A covert effort to destabilize the target government by funding armed groups (often described as ‘rebels’) within the target country to sow chaos and create the impression (or the reality) of a civil war. Civil war can be ‘manufactured’ in a country by way of a protracted campaign to stoke the flames of any latent and otherwise inoffensive ideological or religious differences among the civilian population in the target country.


    • In the CIA book of ‘how to effect a foreign coup’  death squads have been repeatedly used to abduct and murder civilians based on religious and/or political beliefs of the civilians. If this strategy is pursued for long enough, it can and does eventually lead to a manufactured ‘civil war’, or at least the appearance of one. These tactics has been used by the CIA in recent years, most notably in Iraq and Syria, but also in Libya.


    • Western ‘Security contractors’ (aka Western mercenaries and the companies that employ them) are also used to gather direct intelligence inside the target country and provide direct training, intelligence and weapons to the death squads.


    • If these tactics do not lead to the removal of the targeted government (or the murder of the leader and any ‘objectionist’ high-ranking members of the government) a phony pretext (aka a plausible lie) must then be found for the direct bombardment or invasion of the target country by Western military forces.

In Syria, it appears that we have reached this ‘phony pretext for invasion or bombardment’ stage.

After almost 2 years of Western government training, funding and arming of ‘al-qaeda’ fighters (aka death squads) in Syria, and the resulting death of about 60,000 Syrian civilians, President Assad and his government, to their credit, have not yet chosen to bow out. When this stage was reached in Libya the phony pretext for a NATO bombardment was “humanitarian intervention” to “stop Gaddafi bombing his own people“. In Syria however, Russian and Iranian resistance to any NATO bombardment or invasion without VERY good reason means that the Western imperialists are being forced to dig deep for their pretext.

Intimations of what this phony pretext might be began to leak out in late 2012 with bogus reports that the Syrian government might to be planning to use ‘chemical weapons’ against the Syrian people. The Obama administration stated that any use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government was a “red line” that, if crossed, would provoke a U.S. military response. The obsequious French President, Francois Hollande, also stated that the use of such weapons “would be a legitimate reason for direct intervention.”

The Russians tried to nix this transparent ploy by saying that they were monitoring Syrian chemical weapon stockpiles and they were confident there was no danger of their use. But it seems that the American and EU warmongers are all out of ideas and the phony ‘chemical weapons threat’ pretext is still on the table.

Evidence of this was recently provided by a German hacker who managed to pilfer documents from a British ‘security contractor’ (i.e. mercenary company) called Britam. The hoard of documents includes details on the company’s contracts to  provide ‘security’ to major Western corporations that are engaged in pillaging the wealth of Middle Eastern nations, and details on contingency plans to deal with Iran if it decided to attack Saudi Arabia.

Concerning Syria however, and the phony pretext for a Western bombardment/invasion, there is an email from one Britam director to another that appears to reveal the details of a plan to carry out a false flag chemicals weapons attack in Syria:

Britam-email-Doughty[Click image for large version]

The email is from David Goulding, the Business Development Director at Britam Defence and was sent to Phillip Doughty, the founder of the company. As you can see,  the plan, allegedly sanctioned by Washington, involves the transfer of a Soviet-era gas shell from Libya to Homs, in Syria, presumably to be detonated by persons unknown and then blamed on Assad, thereby providing the phony pretext for a NATO bombardment of the country, or, at the very least, enough international condemnation for him to resign. Note however the comment that:

“They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record”

Michael Wilkes: Chairman of Britam Defence Ltd. and British establishment 'old boy'.
Michael Wilkes: Chairman of Britam Defence Ltd. and British establishment ‘old boy’.

This would seem to suggest that the Qatari plan (Qatar here is acting as a proxy and spokesperson for the CIA) involves implicating Russia in the attack.

Today, ‘security contractor’ companies are part of the Western elite establishment. The mercenaries employed by these companies are given carte blanche to commit whatever atrocities are necessary to ‘get the job done’ and they enjoy more protection from prosecution than even the average volunteer soldier in the regular army.

The Chairman of Britam Defence Ltd. is Michael Wilkes, a former  Adjutant-General to the British Armed Forces (one of the most senior officers in the British Army). Just to give you an idea of the caliber of person we’re talking about: Wilkes was also Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, one of the British channel Islands. As Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, Wilkes presided over (and undoubtedly played a part in covering up) one of the worst child abuse scandals in recent decades.

Stay tuned.

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  1. That's a pretty damning email. But then, it's probably the kind of boardroom chatter that goes on 24/7 behind the scenes.

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